Welcome to Geek Shirts HQ.

Geek Shirts HQ is a t shirt blog that provides news, reviews, interviews, editorials and contests from the world of t shirts.

The original premise was to only highlight the best tees and tees brands that feature geek shirts, the main categories that were targeted were:

Video Games, Movies, Comics, Science Fiction, TV, Pop Arts, Computer, Science, Manga and Anime.

Geek shirts HQ quickly found out that we were simply ignoring many of the excellent shirt brands on the Internet.

We now cover ALL types of t shirts but try and put an emphasis on the smaller indie pendent brands. However we don't ignore our geek roots as we still feature our special list posts that feature many geek and pop culture subjects. And throughout our other many features which you can see below.


Geek Shirts Special Features


Geek Shirt HQ of the Week

Geek Shirts HQ highlight one t shirt every week. It could be a new design launched on Geek Shirts HQ or a t shirt that we think deserves a special mention. We try and provide a bit of background information on the t shirt and its designer and where you can purchase the t shirt. A very popular segment.

Geek Shirts HQ Designers Unlocked

Headlined interviews of t shirts designers both commercial or under their own independent labels that has printed works currently in the market. Un-masking the men and women behind the designs/arts thus giving their fan base a glimpse of their personas and the design process they follow to get their designs printed.

T Shirt Brand Undressed

These interviews focus on the t shirt brands/companies, giving you an in-depth overview of the people behind the brands and what goes into setting up their brand includes information on some of your favourite tees as well.

Daily News Digest

 The GSHQ news digest highlights the latest events, sales, discounts, designs, tee releases and happenings within the t shirt industry.

Daily T Shirt Blast

The best of the popular daily t shirts are highlighted all in one place. This gives you a quick “blast” of all the daily t shirt sites.

Ultimate Big List Posts

These are lists of t shirts based on subject. These tend to fit in with the original premise if the site as the subject matter tends to be geek related.

New Brand Alerts

Smaller brands that don't have a large collection are usually featured here. Also newly launched brands are featured. Geek Shirts HQ try and accompany each of these features with an exclusive promotion code for Geek Shirts HQ readers.

T shirt reviews

Hands-on t shirt review that t shirt brands or designers send for the purpose of a review. Or it could be that a t shirt that has been purchased by Geek Shirt HQ. These reviews tend to be in-depth and provide the reader with an analysis of the shirts provided, including evaluating the packaging and any extras that are provided with the t shirt.

T shirt showcase

A t shirt showcase is usually a t shirt designer will provide background information how he developed a t shirt or a number of designs. This tends to be written by the designer

Exclusives Coupon Codes

Lifetime or never expires affiliate coupon codes specific to Geek Shirts HQ and exclusive to GSHQ readership and followers.

Geek Rewards

Freebies / giveaways furnished by t-shirt companies, advertisers and sponsors.

The Shirt Bible

Finally there is our newly launched 'shirt bible' which provides an affordable low cost advertising option for smaller and/or newly launched t shirt brands and independent t shirt designers.

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