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This time we have a brand from the north of England.

Fatal Attire

fatal attire t shirts
I recently caught up with this cool brand for an interview
Why did you start Fatal Attire?
The idea to start Fatal Attire came about because of a conversation we had about other independent companies, we noticed that there was a lot of them out there, some of which were great but the majority were fairly mediocre and despite this they seemed to be doing well. With that thought we were talking about what we might do if we were to start up a clothing line and from there we decided to put our thoughts into action and do it.
When did you start?
We started planning in the early stages of 2013 and just recently launched out first summer line.
Where are you based?
We’re proudly based in the heart of Sheffield but come September we’ll most likely be expanding into Manchester too.

Bat Bones T Shirt

Bat Bones T Shirt
Where did you get name Fatal Attire?
The name came from us throwing ideas around until we had something we felt represented us as a brand, coming up with the name really gave us a strong sense of direction and pride in our work. Seeing our first batch of t-shirts all printed up was a big milestone for the company.
What else can you tell me about Fatal Attire?
The intention for Fatal Attire was to create something that represented us as individuals, something that we’re proud to say is ours, and to re-introduce some originality to an extremely saturated market, we really aim to focus on illustrated designs and so we seem to spend most of our time drawing and re-drawing loads of designs.
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
All our garments are screen printed by hand, for our launch range we used discharge inks, these gave our products a real quality feel to them, they’re really comfortable to wear and don’t change at all when you wash them, we currently print on Gildan, heavy cotton tees, as is a popular choice for other independent companies.

Hourglass T Shirts

Hourglass T Shirts
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
When ordering a product from us people can obviously expect a quality service all round, we take pride in what we do so we take care with every product, everything has to meet our standards before It leaves the HQ, as a business we’re always looking to improve on the quality, presentation and service that we provide, it’s something that we really value.
What plans have you got for the future?
We’ve got so much planned for the future of Fatal Attire, we’ve got countless designs waiting in the wings for more t-shirts and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas, we want to expand our range with more colours and styles as well as different garments planned for the future especially nearer winter when we’d like to introduce products like hats and jumpers.
We’re planning to really push the social side of our business and expand our online and local presence, this is something which we feel will be crucial for the success of the brand.
We’ve got plans to release videos on a YouTube channel as we’d like to establish a presence amongst the urban community; we’re looking at exploiting our own interests and making a parkour video shortly to showcase the brand as well as possibly other things in the future.

The Squid T Shirt

The Squid T Shirt
Where can I find out more about Fatal Attire?
For anyone looking to follow the brand we’d recommend following us on Facebook, looking at our blog or any other social outlets we have in place, the centre point for which will be our website so check it out and get yourself linked up.