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This time we have a UK based brand called Lush Shirts.

I caught up with Michael from Lush Shirts and quizzed him about Lush Shirts
Who are you? Where are you based?
Lush T shirts are based in Newcastle in the UK.
We have an on line store where we create print and sell t shirts.
When did you start?
It has been about 8 or 9 years ago.

Geek T Shirt

Geek T-Shirt

Available at Lush T Shirts

Why did you start Lush Shirts?
We always have an opinion, and our t-shirts are about making a statement.
It could be about your favourite TV show as a kid, it could be a personal statement, or it could just be something amusing.
Since we started we have tried to cover a vast array of things, from funny t-shirts to thought provoking slogans, and memorable designs which have been seen before which we call “classic” designs.
When we started we saw that there were many other brands and websites offering lots of detailed and heavy graphic t-shirts.
While we love these from an artistic point of view, they were never something which we would actually wear.

You Only Live Once T Shirt

YOLO - You Only Live Once Mens Tee

Available at Lush T Shirts

Do you think Text based shirts are getting more popular?
There are a lot of people who see slogan and text based t-shirts as a novelty, but we have always seen them as much bigger than a novelty. They have their own artistic merit, as can be seen with cult designs such as the “Choose Life” and “Frankie Say Relax” t-shirts of the 80s.
Since then we’ve seen a revolution of these types of tees, with Hollywood getting in on the trend with “Team” t-shirts such as the “Team Aniston” designs.
Typography style prints have even made it to the hi end fashion world, with UK designer Henry Holland producing a range for the House Of Holland label.

Wikipedia University T Shirt

Wikipedia University Tee

Available at Lush T Shirts

What makes Lush Shirts unique?
Our main focus has always been incorporating text into our shirts, whether it is a few words on a shirt or a funny phrase, we have covered all bases.
Since lots of street fashion is now moving towards using text based designs, we are moving our designs towards that market, especially our women’s range.
Our women’s summer range will be coming in the next few weeks and focus more on a fashion orientated style of type-prints.
Where can we find out more about Lush T Shirts?
There are loads of places where you can find out more, check out our social media channels, our blog and of course the website. All links are below:
Thanks for a great interview Michael, you can check out some of the cool text based designs over at Lush T Shirt