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I am always looking for cool new brands or brands that take a slightly different approach when creating their tees.
I think with Sleepy Dan I have found a tee shirt brand that is innovative and stands out from the swelling crowd of t shirt business that are vying for your attention.
Let me get Sleepy Dan to tell you a bit more about their concept and brand.
The purpose of Sleepy Dan brand is to use pop culture art to uncover and unify those who share my love of sleep. Sleepy Dan designs focus this concept to printed apparel, including themed collections such as childhood nighttime fears
Sleep Dan's Cool New T-Shirt Release
This one is a cool design with what looks like a complicated design replicated very well on a t shirt. I love the idea that your sneakers can be deadly. I like the detail with the logo on the back of the t shirt, it gives it an extra bit of quality!
This cool t shirt was released at the Kixpo 2012 event at the Dallas Cowboys stadium, which was a collaboration with Jason Mohnsters and Dsicle
The website itself looks pretty cool as well, Dan has obviously put his design skills to good use. A cool concept and a even cooler brand, I really like the logo as well.
Check out Sleepy Dan's Website for yourself.
And their store
And you can stalk them in the following locations
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