There are a massive range of superhero t shirts out there and they’ve become a common part of many fashion styles.
Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves geeks have been enjoying them, and their popularity has soared ever since superhero movies began trending. However, a lot of the shirts tend to be all quite similar in design, making a few quite boring and pretty much identical to all the others you might see on the high street.
Luckily, t shirt designers have got creative, and if you look hard enough you’ll find a bounty of cool and unique superhero tees across the internet. Many of them are hilarious parody t shirts and they make a welcome change to all the boring threads sold by major brands and in high street stores.
We’ve scoured the web and found these six examples of funny superhero t shirts we think are really creative and have refreshing designs.

I Never Said I Was Batman… T-Shirt

Ladies Grey Marl DC Comics Batman Slogan T-Shirt
This hilarious Batman t shirt makes a bold claim from the wearer, suggesting they might actually be Batman! The message on the tee, underneath a crude silhouette of Batman’s head reads: “I never said I was Batman. But we have never been seen in the same room together.” You can’t argue with that statement when you really think about it.
This tee is clever and has a simple design that makes it great for those that don’t like the gaudier superhero clothing you often see.

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Fake Nerd Superman T-Shirt

Fake Nerd Superman T-Shirt
It’s not just girls that like to dress up as a fake nerd, but also Superman! When in disguise, Superman assumes the role of Clark Kent who leads a pretty humdrum existence as a journalist and hard-working man in a suit. He even wears fake glasses he doesn’t need and pretends to be weak and socially awkward – a true fake geek if we ever saw one!
This satirical shirt is hilarious if you’ve come across the fake nerd phenomena and understand the reference.

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It’s Avenger Time! T-Shirt

It’s Avenger Time t shirt
This awesome shirt features a crossover between two of the coolest things in geekdom right now – the Avengers and Adventure Time.
Popular characters from the amazing cartoon are given superhero makeovers, including Jake the Dog becoming the Incredible Hulk, Finn turning into Captain America and the Ice King becoming Loki. This cool shirt is the perfect way to show your fanboy adoration for both and it’s completely unique.

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It’s Iron, Maaaaan! T-Shirt

It’s Iron, Maaaaan T-Shirt
This tee is not like any other Iron Man shirt because it features a witty but also groan-worthy pun. Simple in its design and execution, this red t shirt features a caricature of a man ironing above text that says, “Iron, Man.”
This clever tee is ideal for those who like great wordplay; although it’s subtle humour might go over the head of a few people.

Where to buy: HeyThat’sSuper


Tangled In His Own Web T-Shirt

Marvel Comics Spiderman By Odisy T Shirt
This unique Spiderman t shirt features the web slinging hero tangled up in his own web which surrounds New York City.
It’s a different take on Spiderman from what we’re used to, especially on t shirts, and the alternative art design kind of sums up Peter Parker’s problems trying to help everyone in the city. It’s a really cool shirt that’s a little different from what you might expect of superhero tees.

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The Credible Hulk? T-Shirt

Hulk The Credible 30 Single T-Shirt
We’re used to seeing the Incredible Hulk, but on this tee we see his intellectual side in the form of the Credible Hulk. The Credible Hulk likes to work hard and always researches his topics before starting any argument. No one can win a fight without proper citations and legitimate sources, right? This awesome shirt sees the Hulk well dressed and deeply engrossed in a book (probably finding good arguments for why the army shouldn’t try to kill him) and has subtle humour only those as clever as the Credible Hulk himself would understand.

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As you can clearly see, the internet is full of great alternative superhero shirts that make a refreshing change from the many generic ones you see. All of them are enough to bring any geek out in uncontrollable nerd sweats.
So what are you waiting for? Get browsing and you’ll find many more like them all over the web!
Guest feature written by Laura Watson