Lots Of New Tees As Ever In The GSHQ News Digest.

We have Dark Bunny Tees, New tees from La Fraise, Design By Humans and a new tee from Monolith Apparel.

New From La Fraise

Four cool new designs from La Fraise. which one is your favourite? 

I Want You Inside Me T Shirt

I want you inside me - t-shirt
Designed by Jaypattlo

Rock Instinct T-Shirt

Rock Instinct - t-shirt
Designed by Kreadid

Cat Courier T-Shirt

Cat Courier - great t-shirt
Designed by Xaiobaosg

Pilot Daemon T-Shirt

Pilot Daemon - monster t-shirt
Designed by Vinsse

New At Design By Humans

Design By Humans is becoming my famous tee site, and it is because of the awesome tees that are been released on a weekly basis over at DBH, if you don't believe me check out these cool new releases 

Kingdom  T-Shirt

Kingdom  T-Shirt
Designed by Kdeuce

George Of The Dead T-Shirt

George Of The Dead T-Shirt
Designed by Mouchy

A Cool Tee From Dark Bunny Tees

Although strictly not a new release, this is one of my favourite designs over at Dark Bunny Tees. This one is based on the Evil Dead Trilogy

Chainsaws And Boomsticks T-Shirt


New From Monolith Apparel

New tee from Monolith Apparel and only £10

Mnlth Camo Tee

MNLTH Camo Tee

Geek Shirts HQ News

Lots to get through today. If you have not seen yet, the list features have returned. If you are not familiar with these, They are a specific list of t shirt around one subject and the new lists are proving to be very popular.
Check them out and I am currently working on a list that has taken me forever to do, over 100 Doctor Who T Shirts, hopefully coming very soon.
Have you seen the latest interviews in the Brand Undressed and Designer Unlocked series
We have 8 Bit Apparel and Adho1982. Both are awesome interviews

Geek Shirts HQ Store

Check out the stickers at the new GSHQ store. There are 3 awesome designs, all of which are vinyl die cut stickers printed to the highest quality.

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