Lots of New Tees Today.

After the weekend off, the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest is back with a bang!. Let's get started!

New From Design By Humans

Vintage Eyewear T-Shirt

Vintage Eyewear T-Shirt
Designed by Quckbrownfox., a cool tee, not normally the sort of tee I would associate with Design By Humans. I tend to think big bold graphic designs are what 'they' do. However I really like this new release from this talented designer the United Kingdom

A Dark Place T-Shirt

A Dark Place T-Shirt
Designed by Moutchy. Now this is the sort of design I normally associate with Design By Humans. A haunting design that has been well executed by the designer.

New T Shirt Brand Launches: Ember Clothing

Ember Clothing a new brand from the UK has just launched.
A strong launch collection with a number of high quality designs. 
This is their crest tee, which is a good starting point from their collection.

Crest Tee

crest-tee EMBERS

New From We Love Fine

We Love Fine has an awesome collection of retro Star Trek tees and have just released some new designs including this one

Spock's Brain T-Shirt

Spock's Brain T-Shirt

New From La Muerta

A cool new design available for preorder over at La Muerta. Always a cool t shirt sites with lots of highly original designs and this one is no exception.

Woodwork Vest

by Butch the Butcher
Woodwork T-Shirt

New From Any Forty

Here is a cool new tee from the Any Forty Spring/Summer collection.

Anyforty Versus Ilk Gorey T-Shirt

Anyforty Versus Ilk Gorey T-Shirt

New Release at Tee Turtle

Tee Turtle has four new releases over at their on line store of which all are available for only $15 this week. This is my personal favourite from their new releases.

Haters Gonna Hate T-Shirt

Haters Gonna Hate T-Shirt

Six New Tees At Arcane Movie Tees

Arcane Movie Tees has six new designs available for preorder right now 

Robocop Prime Directive T Shirt

Robocop Prime Directive T Shirt
Here is one of my favourites from their new collection, it features Robocop's helmet which is made up of Robocop's prime directives. An excellent use of typography.

You can check out all six designs right here



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We have teamed up with Cardiff based charity Bullies Out and now for every Geek Definition tee sold, GSHQ will donate at least 10% of each sale to Bullies Out. 
Find out more about Bullies Out here and why I decided to support this awesome charity.
The latest new brand alert from Fraggles & Friggles.
The t shirt lists are back at GSHQ 
Coming next week my massive list of over 100 Doctor Who T Shirts and there will be a surprise with the Doctor Who list.

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