I know there has been a few days break since my last news but it is back with a vengence!

The GSHQ News Digest that is!!!

So what do we have in store for you today?

New From Design By Humans

More awesomeness from Design By Humans. I can't keep up with the amount of new quality designs Design By Humans seem to be bringing out!

Forever An Outlaw  T-Shirt

Forever An Outlaw  T-Shirt
Designed by C340. Is this essential Biker Gang gear?

Grumpy Astronaut Not T-Shirt

Grumpy Astronaut Not T-Shirt
This design is from one of my favourite designers Zerobriant.

What's New At Redbubble?

A lot of high quality designs over at Redbubble.
This time we have three new designers never featured before here at GSHQ.
All three designs are of exceptional quality and you can see time have gone into these awesome designs.
Please support these designers and go and buy one of their designs.

The Big Bang Theory Gang T-Shirt

by  Viruzz
The Big Bang Theory Gang T-Shirt
A cool piece of artwork and an original design in the already over crowded BBT tees arena. I really do like this tee.

Ninja Nightmare T-Shirt

by Harzack
Ninja Nightmare T-Shirt
Another fantastic piece of artwork on this cool design. I love the colouring and shading that brings this design to life.

The Great Houses T-Shirt

by Guitar Atomik
The Great Houses T-Shirt
Yet another cool piece of artwork on a t shirt.

New From La Fraise

Europe's premier design contest site is back with a number of new designs.

Lickaroid  T-Shirt

Lickaroid  T-Shirt
Designed by Albertoarnie

Discoloured  T-Shirt

Discoloured  T-Shirt
Designed by Wirdou

Cashletes New Summer Collection

Cashletes have released the first half of their new Summer collection.
There are lots cool new designs to choose from. This is one of my favourite tees from their new collection.

Mr Money Bags T Shirt

You can check out the rest of their new collection right here.

Geek Shirts HQ News

Lots to get through today. If you have not seen yet, the list features have returned. If you are not familiar with these, They are a specific list of t shirt around one subject and the new lists are proving to be very popular.
Check them out and I am currently working on a list that has taken me forever to do, over 100 Doctor Who T Shirts, hopefully coming very soon.
Have you seen the latest interviews in the Brand Undressed and Designer Unlocked series
We have 8 Bit Apparel and Adho1982. Both are awesome interviews
Also coming very soon new t reviews from Truffle Shuffle and a number other cool t shirt brands.

Geek Shirts HQ Store

Check out the stickers at the new GSHQ store. There are 3 awesome designs, all of which are vinyl die cut stickers printed to the highest quality.
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