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Lots to get through today but today's news is dominated by six new designs over At Busted Tees.
There is also new designs over at Five Finger Tees, Tee Turtle and Carte Postale

New Tees From Busted Tees

Lannister Golden Lion Blonde Ale T-Shirt

Lannister Golden Lion Blonde Ale T-Shirt

Phantom TARDIS T-Shirt

Phantom TARDIS T-Shirt

Quadruple T Rex T-Shirt

Quadruple T Rex T-Shirt

T J Eckleburg T-Shirt

T J Eckleburg T-Shirt

Drakey Kong T-Shirt

Drakey Kong T-Shirt

Classic Cars T-Shirt

Classic Cars T-Shirt

New At Five Finger Tees

Heres Johnny T Shirt

Heres Johnny T Shirt

New From Tee Turtle

Check out the latest new release over at Tee Turtle, as always their new tees are always $15 in their week of release.

Knock Knock T-Shirt

Knock Knock T-Shirt

New Release From Carte Postale

Dra' Gone T-Shirt

Dra gone t shirts

Geek Shirts HQ News

It is finally here! What am I talking about? My top 50 Awesome Zombie T Shirts
This has to be the favourite list that I have enjoyed the most putting together
Check it out and please spread the love and share the article, as it takes me a bit of time and effort to put one of these lists together.
And I want to give everyone the chance to have a look and let me know what they think!
The brand new Brand Undressed Interview from 8 Bit from Ireland, A cool new apparel brand.
There is the newest Designer Unlocked Interview from Adho1982, an awesome designer from the UK.
New Brand Alerts from
Don't forget my latest hands on t shirt review from Horizon Watches, (no it's not a watch, its a t shirt)

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