Welcome to the latest edition of the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest.

Lots of awesome new tees to tell you about.

New From Snorg Tees

After a few lacklustre releases, Snorg Tees are back on form with some cool releases. My favourite is the Horcruxes design.

Links Gardening Service T-Shirt

Links Gardening Service T-Shirt

Horcruxes Got Soul T-Shirt

Horcruxes Got Soul T-Shirt

I Have No Patience For Impatient People T-Shirt

I Have No Patience For Impatient People T-Shirt

New from La Fraise

Two new designs from La Fraise

Meanwhile Inside The Area T-Shirt

Meanwhile Inside The Area - tv shirt
Featuring two iconic aliens from the eighties. ALF and ET.

Revenge Of The Housewife T-Shirt

Revenge Of The Housewife - retro t-shirt
One of my favourite designs from today's news digest with an awesome retro inspired design.

New From Busted Tees

Here is a who's who of robots in this cool design.

Robot Line Up T-Shirt

Robot Line Up T-Shirt

New From Superherostuff

A Doctor Who design and a great Harley Quinn design.

Doctors In The TARDIS T-Shirt

Doctor Who Doctors in the Tardis T-Shirt

Harley Quinn Slightly Dangerous T Shirt

Harley Quinn Slightly Dangerous T-Shirt

New From Design By Humans

Two new designs from DBH.

Music Mafia T-Shirt

Designed by rpcarbardo

Dawn Of The Apocalypse T-Shirt

Designed by Adam Lawless

Geek Shirts HQ News

A fantastic new GSHQ shirt of the week has just been launched, taking its inspiration from the Harry Potter franchise.
Zombie Response Authority in a new brand undressed interview
JPM Design is the latest designer to get unlocked.
GSHQ had an ongoing commitment to champion the smaller independent brands which can be see in the 6th edition of the indie special.

Geek Shirts HQ Store

A missive sale at the Geek Shirts HQ store with nearly 30% off every tee.

 Take Yo Panties Off T Shirt

There will STILL be free stickers with every purchase.


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