Welcome Back To The Geek Shirts HQ Twisted series

…….This was a series of articles that took popular geek subjects and listed t shirts that has an original twist on the original subject matter.
These articles were very popular in the eary days of Geek Shirts HQ.
This week we have a character from the Marvel universe.
A character that was orginally a villain and now is a sort of anti-hero.


This chactactor was originally introduced in 1991.

Deadpool's alter ego is Wade Winston Wilson.

A mercenary who is disfigured and mentally untable but whose main super hero abitlity to to heal himself and with stand tele kinetic and mind altering attacks as his ultra fast healing is not limited to just his body but his braincells.
The regeneratin degenerate, DEADPOOL has the nickname the merc with the mouth, this is due to his constant trash talking.
Deadpool has been seen in a number of different comic book titles and also has been in his own self titled series he has been seen in cartoons and in the X-Men Origins film Wolverine.
There are also rumours of Deadpool starting in his own stand alone film.
Deadpool is one of the Marvel charactors  is loved my the comic buying public this has a lot to do with the his wise cracking nature and breaking what is termed as the 'fourth wall'.
This is when the characters in the comic books speak directly to the reader.
Oh and his extremely violent tendencies .
Did You Know……
  • On a high school math test, Deadpool put down "Violence" as every one of the answers.
  • He got an A+ on the test because Deadpool solves all his problems with Violence.
  • The average person swallows, at night, 8 spiders per year.
  • Deadpool kicks Spiderman Ass, 8 times per hour.
  • Deadpool drives an ice cream truck with a machine gun on top.
  • Deadpool has two speeds: Talk and Kill.
In this edition of the of the twisted series we have Deadpool as you have never seen him before.
There are in a number of cool interpretations putting the Deadpool in a number of different situations.
I have searched to bring you the best of what I call "Twisted Dead Pool  T Shirts" that I could find on the the Internet.
Deadpool's distinctive look, and charictorization has made him a favourite of mine for many years.
So it was a personal pleasure of mine to put in this cool feature and it as a good excuse to resurrect the Twisted Series!!
15 Of The Most Twisted Deadpool T Shirt

15 Of The Most Twisted Deadpool T Shirt


Sit back and enjoy 15 Deadpool T Shirts that are as twisted as the main man. 


Fred Pool T-Shirt

by Chris Foreman
This mash up from the iconic villain from the A Nightmare On Elm Street and Dead Pool is cool, they both work so well together.

Riveting Tale T-Shirt

riveting-tale-deadpool tshirts
Deadpool wouldn't look out of place in the twenties with that top hat.

Game Of Death Pool T-Shirt

by Mdoydora
Game of Death-Pool t shirts
Dead Pool and the classic Bruce Lee movie Game Of Death in a classic mash up

Deadpool Pancakes T-Shirt

deadpool-pancakes t shirts
Looks like Deadpool has a new job serving pancakes. 

Deadpool What Are You Looking At T-Shirt

by Delobel
What Are You Looking At t shirts deadpool

DeadPool Feel The Love T-Shirt

Deadpool Feel The Love 30 Single T-Shirts
I think DeadPool has a lot of love to give some lucky woman

Deadpool's Drivers License T-Shirt

by Waconer
Deadpool's Driver's License t shirts
Ever wondered what Deadpools driving licence looks like, no? me neither, however it makes a cool t shirt.

Fred Pool T-Shirt!

by Mdoydora
FredPool t shirts
Another classic mash up of our hero and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Stree.

iMutant T-Shirt

by Sevenhundred
iMutant Tee shirts
All the main mutants as apps, Iphone style, can you spot the Merc?

Chibi Heroes 2 T-Shirt

by Artwaste
Chibi Heroes 2 deadpool t shirts
Here is Deadpool and a number of cool Super Heros as you have never seen them before, Chibli Style.

Deadpool Gangnam Style T-Shirt

by Shardspider
Deadpool Gangnam Style t shirts
Here is the main man as you have never seen him before dancing Gangnam style.

Dreddpool Bi Polar Complex T-Shirt

by Mimidrago
Dreddpool' Bipolar Complex t shirts
A cool mash up of the Merc with a Mouth and Judge Dredd.

Dudepool T-Shirt

by codDesigns
DudePool t shirts
This is one of my favourite designs, originally featured in the early days of Geek Shirts HQ. This design depicts Deadpool when is he off duty.

Deadpool Gift T-Shirt

by Akuma91
Deadpool Gift t shirts

Dead Pool: The Question T-Shirt

deadpool-the-question t shirts
A funny tee!! I really like the artwork in the design as well
Hope you enjoyed a revival of the Twisted Series!
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