Ever heard of an apparel brand called The 2 Kool 2 B True Design Company (2K2BT)?
They are a brand based in Miami who are heavily influenced by urban and tattoo art.
There were featured in the News Digest of Geek Shirts HQ and this prompted them to get in contact with me, and thank me for featuring them.
Now, not many brands take the trouble of thanking me after featuring them in my news section, so immediately I thought these are a cool bunch of people and they sell some awesome t shirts!!!
They asked if it was ok to send me a package for me to review, obviously I had to think long and hard about this! I think it took a couple of milliseconds before I said yes!
So after a few weeks it was  it was a pleasant surprise when I heard a package was waiting for me at home. I was a little more eager than normal to get home, as I knew what was in the package. When I opened the parcel there were Four (4) T-Shirts from  2K2BT, a brand based in Miami who are heavily influenced by urban and tattoo art.
There will be more on 2K2BT in a future interview that will be part of my T Shirt Brand Undressed Series.
So let me get back to the shirts themselves. I don't think I was actually sent the shirts in the packaging that they retail in, as they came in 4 polythene bags within a cardboard box. Not that I am complaining, these were sent out as a review item. Of the four shirts I was sent which are all awesome designs. one was my absolute favorite, more on this later.
As soon as I opened the packaging for the first t shirt and picked it up, I could tell this was a t shirt of quality. Before I wear a shirt, I quickly run through two checks. First I always feel the shirt, this t shirt felt very soft and it exudes quality. The other test I do to see if these shirts are a step above the rest, check the tag at the back of the shirt.
2K2BT has no tags at the back of the shirt instead; it is actually printed onto the shirt. I love it when a brand really shows these details. As you can see in the picture below, the logo, size, country and city the shirt was made in as full washing instructions are printed in the back. This is another brownie point for 2K2BT.
Ok I know you didn't come to check out tags in the back of shirts, so lets get on with the review of these awesome t shirts
The Reviews
Ok, let's have a look at each t shirt that has been sent for review. The first shirt is the Dead Mask Tee, as you can see it is a cool design whose tattoo influences really show in this design.
Take a closer look at the design; I think it is amazing the amount of detail that they can get into this tee. There is a lot of intricate artwork in this design.
Here is an even closer look at the design, where you can see the level of detail around and in the eye. I know with a lot of designs you can get an enormous amount of detail but this does not always translate very well to a shirt when printed.
However in the case of these shirts, the detail is in the printed design as well. The shirts are printed using a process called discharge printing (in the US, this can vary depending where your shirts are brought from)
As with all the designs, the logo is somewhere on the shirt, in the case of the Death Mask T-Shirt is it in the bottom right corner of the t shirt.
Now enough of the foreplay, what does the t shirt feel and look like when worn? I hear you ask. The shirt itself feels really soft when worn and fit very well. I think the design looks awesome and shirts like this really do have to be worn to see them at their best.
The Death Dancer T-Shirt has an intricate design with a lot of line work. This displays the same standard of craftsmanship as in the previous design.
As you can see from this picture, the design is stunning, with so much detail
If you look again very closely at this close up picture from a section of the design, there is a lot of intricate detail that carries over very well.
The logo again can be seen in the bottom right corner of the shirt, but what 2k2bt are good at, is making the logo different with each design.
And how does the t shirt feel when worn? Brilliant! That is the short and sweet answer I can give. I don’t think you can really appreciate the design until you actually wear it.
Next was their True Love T shirt, this one was a different design to the previous two, here you have a fantastic design, with great artwork and a level of colouring and shading that I think makes this design really stand out.
Take a closer look at this design, you can’t tell me you don’t like it! Now I know there is so much going on within the design, but 2K2BT has really pulled off translating this level of detail on to a shirt
Again check out the level of detail, in the close up of the rose above, I don’t think the pictures do the design justice, you really need to see the design in real life.
Again the logo sitting in the corner, but again there is another spin on the logo and it looks like 2K2BT really does reinvent the wheel making the logo look unique on each design..
I really love wearing this t shirt, I think it looks amazing, These t shirts are better described as wearable art.
Now, remember earlier I was talking about my favourite t shirt from 2K2BT, it is their Sexy Evil Shirt. I remember there was a competition on their Facebook page to name this particular t shirt. I forget my suggestion, but the name that they chose, does seem to sum up what this shirt is all about Sexy Evil!
Take a good look at this design, I think there is a comic book look and quality about it, the use of yellow against the red for shading purposes really makes this t shirt stand out.
If you look at the close up shots below you can see what I mean about the clever use of yellow again the red and black. The clever use of line work can also be seen in the facial and ass pictures. Well I thought you might want a facial and an ass shot. Have I just stepped into a porn movie?
There are two logos within this design, the huge logo across the top of the design and the smaller logo below it, I know I am repeating myself but the logos are made to look unique to this design.
There you go!  To summarise that was Four (4) Fantastic T-Shirts from a Very Cool Brand from Miami.
This brand has quality written all over it!!
From the quality of the actual tees to the printed washing instructions and awesome designs, when you purchase one of these tees, you know that you have purchased a t shirt from a brand that gives a damn about their customers.
2K2BT are also one of the best apparel companies I have come across when using web 2.0 sites such as Facebook. They have a very loyal fan base, which are very active on Facebook. Check out the links below if you want to check out their designs.
Thanks again guys for sending me some awesome t shirts to review, make sure you check out their site, if you are interested in purchasing their tees. Don't forget to check their Facebook page for some awesome pictures.