Another Day, Another T Shirt Review! Well, Heck NO!

This is a Review with a Difference!

Not Only Three (3) T-Shirts To Review, There Is Also A HOODIE!
It's a welcome return for 2K2BT, whom I featured previously here at GHSQ when I did a huge review of four (4) of their t shirts and an exclusive interview in the T Shirt Brand Undressed series.
To say I was happy was an understatement when 2K2BT contacted me regarding reviewing some of their winter line.
So it is a pleasure to welcome back 2K2BT to see the awesome new designs they have in their winter collection.
At the end of this review, this is also news of an exclusive 10% discount for readers of Geek Shirts HQ for any of the products over at the 2K2BT on line store.
Here is the parcel that I received in the post. It was like Christmas has come early 🙂
2K2BT box 
As you can see, there are 3 new tee designs and a hoodie!
Yes I have been sent my very first hoodie to review. I can't wait.
Oh and 2K2BT were kind enough to send me some stickers as well
2K2BT Shirts and hoodies
You may have remembered from my last review of their Summer collection that all the tees are tagless, obviously nothing has changed and all the tees are tagless. As you can see from the pic below from one of the tees.
You can also see from the top of the tee in the picture below that there is no indication of the original t shirt brand tag which has been removed, a good sign that we are dealing with a brand that is quality.
 Also their hoodies are tagless as well but more on the hoodie later.
2K2BT tees shirts

Tattoo Sailor T Shirt

Lets start with my favourite design from the t shirts that were sent 
Rock n Roll Skull tee  is a best seller over at 2K2BT and I can see why, the design is simply stunning.
"It looks like 2K2BT have out done themselves!"
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt
Take a closer look at the design and tell me you are not impressed with the level of detail in the design.
There is a term I gave not used in a long time and that is wearable art!
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt 1
If you notice 2K2BT have incorporated their logo into the design.
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt 2
Now take a real close look and see how clever 2K2BT have been with the printing process to re create their design onto some matching wearable tees.
The design has a lot of detail as you can see, both the intricate line work and colour really does stand out on this white t shirt
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt 3
As for how it fits, as always we 2k2bt, the fit was very good.
The t shirt feels very soft next to my skin and after washing it a couple of times still keeps it shape and the design still looks awesome.
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt 4
Tattoo Sailor T Shirt 5

Rosa Muerta T Shirt

Their signature model of their Fall/Winter collection is here!
Don't stare too deeply into her undead eyes, she will haunt your dreams for a long time!
She will protect you from evil boys for a long time as she won't fade, tear, or wear!
There is a very distinctive look to this tee, the designs colours are some-what muted compared to their other designs, I know bright colours are not really used in their designs..
Rosa Muerta T Shirt
Here is a closer look at their design. Look at the tattoos on the models arms, looks stunning don't you think?
Rosa Muerta T Shirt 1
As you can see, 2K2BT  always incorporates the logo into their design.
Rosa Muerta T Shirt 2
Now. If we go really close in you can see the reproduction in the design on the t shirt. 
Rosa Muerta T Shirt 3
Their signature tee is definitely a cool edition to their collection
Rosa Muerta T Shirt 4
Rosa Muerta T Shirt 5
I like the design, initially this was the tee I liked the least. However, having worn the tee for a few weeks, I have been captivated and  fascinated with the design alot more.
I love the tattoo work on the models arms and the print is so well reproduced on the t shirt itself

Carnival Mask T Shirt

Get into the fun house with our Carnival T-shirt!
This amazing design full of color and detail will let you stand out in any place you are seen with it!
Don't worry about it fading, tearing or wearing, it will look amazing for a long time!
I like this tee, lots of detail and looks awesome on a t shirt
The tattoo influences are really evident on this designs.
Carnival Mask T Shirt
If you can take a closer look and see the inticacies of details in this design.
The level if detail always amazes me when 2k2bt can reproduce it so well on a tee
Carnival Mask T Shirt 1
Finally take an even cluster look at the level of detail in the design
Carnival Mask T Shirt 2
One of my favourites from their new winter collection, originally this was a close second to the Sailor Skull Tee.
However now I can't decide which tee I liked the best!
The tee it self as always a really good fit and feel soft next to the skin.
Carnival Mask T Shirt 3
Carnival Mask T Shirt 4

Biker Babe Hoodie 

Get ready to hit the asphalt with style!
Biker Babe will steal all attention with her acid green on black color scheme!
I was really excited to be reviewing my first hoodie but when I opened the box, this was my least favourite hoodie from their range, I really did not like the acid green colour when looking at it on my monitor screen. 
This is the front of the hoodie with the 2K2BT logo.
Biker Babe Hoodie
Here is the Biker Babe design that is on the back of the hoodie.
Biker Babe Hoodie 1
The design at the back of the hoodie is very distinctive and stands out from the crowd as does the logo at the front of the hoodie 
A close up of the logo at the bottom of the Biker Babe design.
Biker Babe Hoodie 2
Here is a closer look at the Biker Babe design.
Biker Babe Hoodie 3
Lets take a closer at the biker babe design to see what sort of quality the repoduction onto the hoodie is.
Biker Babe Hoodie 4
Now onto the actual fit of the hoodie
Biker Babe Hoodie 5
Biker Babe Hoodie 6
The hoodie itself felt very thick and warm when worn, soft next to the skin, the cord that runs through the hood looked of a good quality, this is normally a tell-tale sign of a cheap hoodie.
I personally love the fit of the hoodie and once wearing it, I think the acid green looks awesome on the black hoodie.
I have not washed it yet so I can't report back how it fares in the wash. My only gripe with the hoodie I prefer zip up hoodies to pull over hoodies but that us just my personal preference.


Overall I loved all three t shirts, as ever 2kool provide a high level of detail in their designs with an excellent quality shirt that is a heavier cotton and fits really well.
Very soft and also "looks awesome even after a few washes".
The designs are printed via a heat transfer method that is very clean with little or no bleeding in the designs.
After my initial reservations about the hoodie, now I am hooked on the acid green design. I thought it looked awesome when worn and the quality of the hoodie was excellent, very warm and soft next to the skin, ideal in the British winter.
I had definite opinions about the designs when seeing them at 2K2BT on line store, but that soon changed when I wore the tees and the hoodie.
I think 2K2BT Winter lineup is very strong and impressive, all of the tees and the hoodie that I reviewed I believe are a great example of what 2K2BT are all about. A great brand with excellent product lines.
And I almost forgot the stickers, they were a cool addition to the package, maybe they could provide stickers of the actual designs, that would be an awesome idea! That is one for the future!
I just want to say thank you to the guys at 2K2bt for sending some awesome tees and a hoodie to review.

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