Welcome to a cool New Brand Alert featuring a clothing brand with the unusual name of 41 sections.

41 sections t shirts
I caught up with the owner of 41 Sections for an exclusive interview.
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Why did you start 41 sections?
We have always been interested in t-shirts, and we wanted a creative outlet. So, we decided that we could combine our artistic energy and our love for t-shirts, while trying to offer the industry a brand targeting an audience that is under-represented. There aren't many brands aimed at blue collar, hard working, middle class, suburban culture.
-When did u start?
We started talking about the concept in April of 2012. We then developed the name and brand ideas, researched the industry, blank shirt options etc…and produced our first shirt in September of 2012.

National Blue Collar Association Tee

National Blue Collar Association Tee
Growing up in a working class town has its own culture. Many of our family members and friends are tradesmen working as electricians, carpenters, painters etc. We wanted to support our fellow hard working neighbours, as well as, the blue collar class throughout the world. Are you proud to be a part of the working class? Join the National Blue Collar Association! Limited quantity production, screen printed on a light grey American Apparel 2001 unisex tee. The 41 sections logo is printed in blue on the back at the neck.
Where are u based?
We are based in Levittown, Pennsylvania in the United States, which is a northeast suburb of Philadelphia.

Suburban King Tee

Suburban King Tee
A slight change to the very popular crown image, combining it with the brim of a hat/cap. Demonstrating a more modern look and incorporating the very popular head dress of our times and culture. Also nodding to the fact that royalty and importance can live not only in the over populated city areas, but also in the outlying lands of the suburbs. Rule your 'hood! Limited quantity production, screen printed on a burgundy American Apparel 2001 unisex tee. The 41 sections logo is printed in gold on the back at the neck.
Where did you get the name 41 sections?
We decided that it was important to use our hometown as the heart of our brand because our lives were heavily influenced by growing up in Levittown. Four generations of our family have lived here and our grandfather helped build this very special place. Levittown is divided into 41 separate neighbourhoods or "sections".
-What else can you tell me about 41 sections?
We are striving to fill a gap in the clothing brand market. Many brands are aimed at things you may wish for…money, fame, or extreme success. We want to offer a brand based on what many people are…normal, hard working, and middle class. We offer men's/unisex tees, as well as, a women's tank top and a women's scoop neck tee.
41 sections t shirt
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
We use traditional screen printing. We print on American Apparel products thus far. We believe they are superior in softness, fit and sustainability, and therefore, choose to spend the extra money to offer the best tee in our opinion.
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
Customers can expect quick order fulfilment and delivery. The packaging will contain some little extras including candy and our very popular stickers, along with a high quality, limited edition, tee. We only offer our tees in limited quantities with specific colour combinations; once they are sold out, we do not plan on restocking any of our clothing unless we get really nostalgic. So, you can expect to receive a unique and special product.
What plans have you got for the future?
41 sections is now working on expanding the brand by developing designs for other products including hoodies, snap back hats, long sleeve tees, etc.
41 sections tees
Where can I find out more about 41 sections?
We have very active accounts on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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