Welcome to todays Geek Shirts News Digest, Lots of new tees to tell you about and a couple of new brands that have some great tees as well.
Let's start with what are new at Redbubble and we have a new designer to Geek Shirts HQ.
And finally from Redbubble a designer we have not featured before with a great TMNT inspired design.
Fright Rags were featured for the first time at Geek Shirts HQ lat week, there was a lot of positive reaction to the tee that I featured, so i thought I would feature them again.
Two more great contest winners from 8 bit design contest that was held recently by Design By Humans.
by pahito from Santa Fe, Argentina
by cleptoni from Hamburg, Germany
New From Stylin Online
A fantastic new release based on the old Wolf Man films.
Mister Black Tee A New Brand to Geek Shirts HQ
A great new brand based in Spain with some great designs. Here is one of my favorites.
If you have problems with ghosts, who are you going to call??
A Favorite From Threadless
Crazy Dog Shirts has a number of new designs featured at their site, here is one of ones that I just love!
This week sees the launch of Batman Fortnight at Geek Shirts HQ. Loads of fantastic features based on Batman this fortnight.
We have over 100 Batman tees in one list, this is going to be awesome.
The next two shirts of the week are going to be inspired by Batman, the first, is a brand new design by Kev Brett which will be launched here at Geek Shirts HQ.
Loads of new Batman inspired tees and news in our daily news round ups.
A great tee review of the Game Of Rogues t shirt designed by Ninjaink and is now available at Redbubble.
We will also have the sequel to Darth Stark by Firepower in a special review of his new design.
And finally don't forget all news and special interviews that we normally feature here at Geek Shirts HQ.
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