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8&9 have some awesome designs period!
A brand that I admire, from the way they set up their website, to how they communicate with their customers and loyal fan base through Twitter and Facebook.
This is a brand I feel are going places.
8&9 represent a brand of some substance and some very cool designs.
Enough of me babbling on, let me get Ray G, the founder of 8&9 to tell you more.
8&9 is a conscious, independent clothing company.
We design from a diverse perspective.
Inspired by our passions and experience; street shit, hip-hop, skating, sneakers, modern politics and even pop culture.
As a brand our focuses are concept, colour, quality and details others overlook.
Our path is one of constant improvement tweaking and fine tuning as we work to the top.
I think both of these links will give you everything else you'd want to know.
the9elements Interviews Ray G of 8&9 Clothing Co.
In 2001 Blow the biopic of Boston George released starring Johnny Depp. While in federal prison George meets Diego who tells him "he failed because he had the wrong dream." 
That epic line led to George's introduction to the Medellín cocaine cartel and the rest was history. 
This graphic incorporates the quote "You failed because you had the wrong dream…" and the American flag constructed of Cocaine
This the remix! One of our first releases the New USA graphic comes back for 2012 with a new touch by Freehand Profit. 
Skateboard in the talon previously holding and olive branch symbolic of peace and the AK a modern replacement for the original arrows.
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