Welcome to today's Geek Shirts HQ News Digest. I thought I would do something different today.
A Redbubble News Digest Special!
Some of these are brand new designs and some are from designers not featured before at Geek Shirts HQ.
I hope you like the designs and designers that I have chosen!
Let me know if there is a designer or design that you would like might Be worth mentioning and newsworthy for everyone in the comments box below.
Geek Shirts HQ News
A new interview from a cool new brand from the UK in the T Shirt Brand Undressed series. This week it is the turn of Graffiti Clothing.
A New Brand Alert from Sleepy Dan with a MASSIVE 20% exclusive discount.
Mr cool AKA R-evolution GFX gets interviewed in the Designer Unlocked series.
What do you get when you cross Superman with Doctor Who? This week's shirt of the week from Kev Brett.
I have gone back to school with a book report! An indepth review of Launch A Kick Ass T Shirt Brand.
If you love my previous huge lists: Batman, Spiderman, Street Fighter and The Big Bang Theory, then you will love my new list of Doctor Who t shirts 
An exclusive discount for all readers of Geek Shirts HQ. Get a massive 20% discount on the cool Batman tee below from 8Ball. 
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