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Another awesome new brand to tell you about, Anything Goes Apparel has only been running for a few months at the time of writing this, but already they have an excellent choice of designs. This is great for a brand that is so young. 
Let me get Martyn Brown, the man behind Anything Goes Apparel to tell you more about this cool new brand
The brand was started in February this year after some good feedback from friends/peers whilst studying at art college.
Since then it's gone from strength to strength and I've been overwhelmed with the reaction to my designs and products.
Recently I have been focusing more on running some stalls at music festivals and shows to spread the word about the brand but I have also been working on some new designs which will be released later on this year.
My designs are influenced by many different things including horror films, music, zombies, tattoo art and alternative fashion.
All of the designs so far have been my own apart from the newest pocket tee which is a collaboration with a friend who is a tattoo artist in Wales, called Simon Barry.
Check The Back Seat T Shirt
The 'Check The Back Seat' design came about because of my love for zombies and the current hipster fashion which is where the flat peak cap came about.
The name of the design is a quote from Zombieland as it is one of my favourite films, especially the idea that someone would make a checklist of survival rules that were so simple. It was a tie between Check The Back Seat and Double Tap.
Anything Ghost T Shirt
'Anything Ghost' is a fun design that came about whilst I was doodling.
I decided to take the iconic children's cartoon character 'Casper' and add thug culture style tattoos as a completely contrasting idea that goes against what you would expect from a children's cartoon.
The reaction to this design has been great with it selling out multiple times resulting in continuous restocks!
It is available as a pocket tee and a vest, there will also be a new version of it involving some acid washing which will be dropping online later on this summer.
Thank you Martyn for your time. Follow Anything Goes Apparel on FACEBOOK and TWITTER as I think this is one of the brands to watch out for in 2012 and beyond!
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