Welcome To A Cool New Edition Of The GSHQ New Brand Alert.

This time we have Robbie from Authorised Clothing from the United Kingdom.
I recently interviewed Robbie to get an insight into his new brand Authorised Clothing.
There is also an Exclusive Discount at the end of the interview for GSHQ readers.
Authorised Clothing LOGO
Why did you start Authorised Clothing? 
We started Authorised Clothing because we really wanted to start a business and all had a passion for fashion as they say!
Ideas floated around and then we decided we wanted to start our own brand and that’s how it started! 
When did you start? 
We started at the beginning of December 2012 and have progressed from there. 
Where are you based? 
We are based in Taunton, Somerset, South West England. 
Where did you get name Authorised Clothing?   
The name Authorised came from a selection of brainstorming and different names flying around.
We finally chose "AUTHORISED" because it stood out to us and we thought it could be one of those names that sticks in your mind. 



Available at Authorised Clothing

Our first original tee professionally printed by Bluebird Press! Nearly sold out but a few left.
What else can you tell me about Authorised Clothing? 
Authorised is currently a ‘regular’ brand but we are in the process of possibly changing our logo and moving in to a new area of street/surf as that appeals to us!
There are three boys that OWN/RUN the brand and were looking in to getting some promoters and models and expand our reach to people in order to expand our brand.
We would also like to have our first photo shoot soon!  
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use? 
For our printed tees and jumpers we use professional printing company BLUEBIRD PRESS! Who I would definitely recommend!
For some of our unprinted effect tees we use dye and acid wash!
Our favourite tees that we use are Gildan Soft Style because they are very soft, good quality and best of all them look and feel good on your skin. 

Blue and Red Spiral Tee

Blue and Red Spiral Tee
A tee soon to be released in our SS13 range! A limited edition dye tee.
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you? 
When ordering from Authorised, we try our best to dispatch next day and will include some discount codes for returning customers and sometimes we will include special gifts and accessories.  
What plans have you got for the future? 
We intend to expand the brand and we will be releasing a BIG  SS13 range in the coming month! 
Where can I find out more about Authorised Clothing? 
You can find out more about AUTHORISED @ 
And you can email us authorisedclothing@yahoo.co.uk for any enquiries.  
Are you able to provide a unique promotion code for my readers? 

Yes your readers can use Promo Code:  GEEKSHIRTSHQ   FOR 20% off!