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This week, we have a really cool brand,  from a husband and wife team with a love of sports logos. But these are not your usual sports logos, no, but I will leave Gavin from Awesome Sports Logos to tell you more about it in the cool interview below.
I always say behind a successful business whatever that may be, you have to have the right people driving that business.  In Gavin, one half of the team that own and run Awesome Sports Logos, has all the ingredients to succeed. His vision of creating a  t shirt brand that is different to most of the brands that are plying for your attention. Awesome Sports Logos have come about because of Gavin’s enthusiasm and attention to detail to provide the best original product to his customers.
Before we get to the awesome interview (sorry about the pun! I couldn’t resist it!) There is an awesome contest to win one of two awesome t shirts AND there is more, there is an awesome exclusive promotion for readers of Geek Shirts HQ, but I will let the awesome Gavin tell you more about that!
Who are the people behind Awesome Sports  Logos? Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? Who creates the designs? How did you get into shirt design?
We are a team of two, my wife and me. We share a common vision and I’m so proud of the hard work and long hours we’ve put in to get where we are. This business actually grew out of my frustration of the dying art of sports logos. There are so many cool names that aren’t being used and so our goal was to bring back the creativity and love of sports logos with our t-shirt line. .
I’ve always been fascinated by sports logos and I can remember as a kid drawing and tracing sports logos. Back in 1985 when I first went on a computer, I remember we had a computer project where we had to draw something on the screen. I drew the Quebec Nordiques logo.  It’s always been my passion and now I’m activating that passion
I grew up in Massachusetts and I’ve been in radio all of my life, the last 17 years as a Program Director overseeing what goes on at the various radio stations I oversee. Radio has taken me to some awesome cities such as Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas and now Houston. That’s my day job and the business has been amazing to me.  My whole life I’ve been a huge sports fan and I run a sports radio station in our home city of Houston.
As far as the designs, I create the initial concept with the specifics that I want. I then put it in the hand of some extremely talented logo designers. We hand selected these talented people based on their passion for sports logos and the fact that they actually have experience designing logos for pro teams. They share the same passion for sports logos that we do. We continue to tweak the logo until we get it right including the color scheme and how those colors will look on our shirts. Putting our logo designs on t-shirts seemed to be a natural fit because I also love t-shirts. Having a cool sports logo design on a quality super soft  t-shirt just seemed like a perfect combo.

Brooklyn Leg Breakers T Shirt

Available at Awesome Sports Logos

Inspired by old skool New York Mafia stories
What process do you follow when designing a shirt?
First is the name of the logo and the area it’s associated with. We never force logos. They have to come naturally. One of the reasons I developed this concept is that a sports logo should represent their community and that’s not happening anymore.
We do a lot of research and one of the most surprising aspects is that awesome names such as The Las Vegas Snake Eyes and The Idaho Taters weren’t being used. All of our cities or areas are real with that logo having a special meaning in that community with the exception of the Cocksville Blockers. I couldn’t find a Cocksville on a map but the name was just too good to pass up!
When we match up the concept with the area, we begin the creativity of the design. Does the design want to represent a particular sport?  Are we going to make this logo funny or serious and do we incorporate a landmark as part of the logo? For instance, one of my favorite parts of our Brooklyn LegBreakers logo is that the Brooklyn Bridge is in the background and the hockey stick is taped up to say NYC on the blade. The little details can make good logos turn into great logos.
Once the concept is considered and the colors are picked, we work extremely close with our designer to finish the product. A lot of tweaking is necessary. Sometimes we’ll be in the middle of the process and we’ll start over with a different concept of what the logo should be. One of our company’s mottos is not to settle. We have to get it right. When we do get it right, we try out the logos on various colored t-shirts and usually we pick two to three for our customers to choose from.
A lot of our designs also have an alternate logo which is usually just the lettering. Sometimes you may love the name but not the logo. In that scenario, the alternate logo t-shirts work perfect.

Las Vegas Snake Eyes T Shirt

Las Vegas Snake Eyes was the logo name that imspired us to start the business.
Where did you get the name Awesome Sports Logos?
Every time we talked about the t-shirt concept, our goal was to create super soft, high quality t-shirts with awesome sports logos on them. The more we said it, the more the name clicked so we went with Awesome Sports Logos with the tagline, “The name says it all, they’re Awesome!”.
Can you tell me more about the brand Awesome Sports Logos?
The ultimate goal of the brand is to create chatter about sports logos which we feel is a lost art. If someone walks up to you and says, “That shirt is hilarious or awesome”, then we’ve done our job. We’ve had so many people make suggestions about what our next t-shirt should be. It truly is addicting to think of a city and a cool team name associated with that area.
I challenge you to try it out. Whatever area you live in, I bet you can come up with a cool sports name. The other problem we want to address is that sports logos are meant to be creative and fun and those days are gone. Teams are more interested in spreading their brand than coming up with a cool name.
One of the greatest sports logos was the Macon Whoopie from Macon, Georgia. That was a great logo with some awesome innuendo.  The Atlanta Braves for example have all of their minor league teams besides one named the Braves. That to us is a disservice to those cities. We want to put the fun back into sports logos.
The biggest compliment we receive is when people ask, “Are these real teams”? If people are talking about their favorite sports logos or trying to think of some creative sports logos then we’ve done our job!
I also want people to know that these t-shirts aren’t just for sports fans. Many have to do with history, a lot have to do with innuendo and we want our t-shirts to be worn by non-sports fans as much as sports fans. We want people to laugh but also wear a cool t-shirt that people will be asking, “Where did you get that?”

Cocksville Blockers T Shirt

Available at  Awesome Sports Logos

A made up city but we couldn't resist and it is our bestseller
What makes Awesome Logos different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
The quality of the shirt is really high. I choose quality over profit margin. If putting another color on a shirt will cost more but if it makes the t-shirt better than we’ll add the extra color.
We also understand that colors are important to our customers so we offer a variety, not just one color per shirt. We pride ourselves on customer service and welcome feedback. I want you to be completely satisfied and I want you to wear our shirts around with pride. I also want you to wear our shirts for a very long time.
Each t-shirt comes with a tag explaining the history of the t-shirt. We hand wrap every t-shirt and inspect it personally. We also hand write a thank you note on your receipt. You can personally call me or my wife with any questions that you may have about our t-shirts. We want to make your t-shirt purchase a great experience. We also take great pride in the people we work with. We do a lot of business locally to put money back into the local economy.

London Beefeaters T-Shirt


Available at Awesome Sports Logos 

A great logo for all the Brits out there, or can be a cool conversation piece. 
What’s coming next for Awesome Sports Logos?
In February, we’re hitting the Magic Fashion show in Las Vegas to pitch our products for retail. Right now, we’re beginning our holiday push and building relationships with stores. Our t-shirt line is going to continue to grow and we have some new logos in the works. If anyone has any ideas, they can certainly email them to me and if I use your idea, you’ll get some free shirts as a thank you.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
I see myself continuing to expand the Awesome Sports Logos brand and not just with fictional sports logos. There are so many arenas that I want to get involved with that I see this apparel line developing sub sections. We want to expand our brand throughout the world but it’s important to us to keep that small business feel. 
I also see myself continuing to communicate with our customers. I love talking t-shirts, different logos and I want to get even more creative with our brand.  I can promise you that in ten years, I’m not changing who I am. That’s my biggest goal. I truly believe that good things happen to good people and I refuse to win if in any way, it cost me my principles and what this company has been built on.

Portland Tree Huggers T-Shirts

Available at Awesome Sports Logos

A great cartoon like logo That will draw attention to you anywhere you go!
How much importance do you place on Facebook Twitter and similar sites when marketing your brand?
I’ll add blogging  and Pinterest to the mix of importance. It truly is a great marketing arm and a great way to express your-self. I believe that if you want to market yourself on these sites, you have got to give consumers valuable content.  I  like to blog constantly about sports logos and their history. To me, that’s important. I want to develop an ongoing conversation with consumers and I want to know about them as much as I want them to know about Awesome Sports Logos. Our YouTube videos have also resulted in some laughs. More are on their way!
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
We use high quality screen printing so that all of our graphics are super soft and do not fade.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
Alternative Apparel is the only brand we are currently using. They have a terrific color selection and some of those colors are from their organic line which I think is one of the softest t-shirts made. They are also an extremely light t-shirt. I can’t go back to wearing any old t-shirt after wearing these shirts.

Texas Roadkill T Shirt

Available at Awesome Sports Logos

The beat up armadillo looks tough holding the hockey stick
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
They should expect a t-shirt that is super high quality at an extremely reasonable price. I’ve seen blank t-shirts cost more in stores. The customer should expect that their t-shirt will arrive with a personalized feel.
If there are any delays or questions, they will receive an email from us and every step of the way, we can promise you that your t-shirt has been prepared with a lot of pride. They can also expect that they will wear their t-shirt for a very long time. The best part, the more you wear them, the softer they get and the cooler the logo looks. Unlike me, they get better with age.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
My family, my wife’s family, and our friends.  Who never hesitated once when we told them about our business.  My business and life partner is my wife.
Awesome Sports Logos is a true team effort and she is awesome and shares the same sick sense of humor that I do.
To my design team of Matt, Jose and Erica. You guys saw our vision and ran with it. You guys are awesome!
To all my fellow geeks, thank you so much for all of your support. Keep being yourself!

Austin Weirdos T Shirt

Available at Awesome Sports Logos

This shirt is dedicated to Leslie Cochran who personified the weirdness of Austin. He became an icon in the city walking around Congress and 6th Street wearing women’s clothes.
Who are your favorite designers and/or brands?
Johnny Cupcakes is at the top of the list. His story is amazing and the fact that he did it his way is truly inspirational. He shows just as much love to his customers as they show to him.
No Mas NYC has some really cool gear.
Lancaster Ltd has it going on. I love their designs.
I dig Original Six clothing put out by the National Hockey League. Great shirts promoting the history of hockey.
Who are your influences?
Once again my family is huge! 
I respect the heck out of Johnny Cupcakes for what he’s been able to do the following that he’s developed. His story is powerful.
Anyone that has a dream and passion and goes after that dream is a huge inspiration. I love hearing success stories and how they got to that point. It’s extremely motivating.
Is there anything else you want to add?
If you are reading this and following Geek Shirts, you rock in our book and deserve to save a little cash! We’ve set up a promo code on our site. Just type in Geek in the promo code and we’ll give you $5 off of each shirt.
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
The best place is awesomesportslogos.com
The site displays all of our t-shirts which we have from Small-3X and gives the history of each t-shirt. We also blog a lot about different cities and the history of their sports logos.
My personal email is gavin@awesomesportslogos.com. If you have any questions or want to talk logos, that’s the best way to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.
Anywhere else?
Here are the direct links
We’ve received a lot of great reviews from other sites but as for selling our t-shirts, we’re going straight through our site to ensure that our customers receive awesome customer service!

Thanks Gavin for an awesome interview!

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