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Ever thought what it would be like if we could have seen the big bang? I am not talking about the TV programme but the actual big bang.
Want to wear a t shirt that Sheldon Cooper would wear? Now I am talking about the Big Bang Theory
What do you get if you cross Scrabble with the Periodic Table and The Big Bang Theory.? This weeks shirt of the week of course.
This weeks shirt of the week plays homage to a sitcom that celebrates the life of a geek. I am talking about The Big Bang Theory of course.
This weeks tee designed by Rousseau Florent is a clever design incorporating a number of different elements (pardon the pun!).
Not everyone will get it but so what! Only the people that matter will when they see you wear this cool t shirt.
I really do like the design as it is a clever in a number of different ways incorporating what is associated with the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory Bazinga, geek culture and science.
A simple design but very effective!
The actual t shirt is 100% cotton so it will feel soft next to the skin. So if you are into wearing cardboard you will be disappointed.
It is a 10.2 ounce crew neck t shirt with taped neck and shoulders for a better fit. There won't be any accidents when washing and drying as it is pre-shrunk, there will be slight shrinkage.
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