Its been a few days since my last news digest. Sorry lots of new things going on at Geek Shirts HQ. Loads of new tees to report to you today.
Check out the great tees that are available right now.
More New Tees From Stylin Online
3 great new t shirts from Styline Online
Star Wars Boba Fett Chest Logo T Shirts
Batman Arkham City Charcoal T Shirts
New Tee From Redmolotov
I love the t shirts from Redmolotov and this one is no exception, a great design 
Four Studies of a Human Skull Tee shirts
There are lots of new tees from BustedTees but the one below is one of my favorites. 
Gennztees are always providing some great original designs and this one does not let anyone down.
Assignment deadlines looming and you've run out of excuses? You no longer need to worry! This compact desktop unit eats its way through multiple pages in seconds! Take the stress out of homework excuses with one easy payment! K9 Homework Shredder is now available! But wait, there's more! This tee joins the Save Wave at just $15.95
Go Merch has a Sale
A massive sale is now on at Go Merch, All Tees now $5 dollars. Get them before they sell out.
Here is one of my favorites
New Design From GoodJoe
Design by Humans is currently running a design contest inspired by the old 8 bit games of yesteryear. The closing date is the 22nd June
Here is another great tee from Design By Humans. This is a Samurai warrior tee which features some great bright neon colors and lots of great details
There is another new interview this Tuesday in the Designer Unlocked series. This week's interview will feature FishBiscuit Designs. Look out for that one.
If you have missed my interview with GoodBoyRoy, you can check it out here
I am currently working on a brand new feature for Geek Shirts HQ, I am hoping to provide you all with more information later in the week, maybe even launching my new feature.
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