Welcome to a cool new T-Shirt Review from Truffle Shuffle.


I will be reviewing one of their tees on a monthly basis, giving you my honest opinion on their tees. 
They seem to have been impressed with my first review of their Goonies Skull Tee, you can check out that review here and will now give me a regular supply of tees to review.
Anyway enough of that, lets get back to the serious business of this months tee review from Truffle Shuffle.
Truffle Shuffle sent me one of their exclusive video game t shirt designs based on the iconic Space Invaders from the eighties.

Men's Black Space Invaders T-Shirt

Here is the Truffle Shuffle page where you can find the actual tee.
Lots of products shots of the actual tee are on the website, which is good and a decent product description.
I would like to see a picture of someone actually wearing the t shirt as this could really enhance the customers experience on the site.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 1
The tee arrived in a standard mailer that is branded with the Truffle Shuffle logo.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 2
The tee was neatly folded inside with an added tag, which always shows you are dealing with a professional brand.
There were some sweets with the tee but my daughter got to the sweets as soon as I opened the packaging! She was fast! Maybe she could make the Olympics when she grows up as a sprinter!
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 3
Truffle Shuffle tees have got three tags, one generic washing instructions tag.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 4
A cool Space Invaders tag, showing this is an officially licensed product.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 5
And of course the Truffle Shuffle tag.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 6
Now onto the tee itself.
This is a five colour design, showing a classic screen shot from the game Space Invaders.
The Space Invaders logo has been added to the top of the design.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 7
This is what the designer had say when I asked him more about the design.
The design inspiration for this tee was the classic Space Invaders arcade game which I used to love playing when I was younger, even though I was never very good at it!  
So the main inspiration was to try and recreate the game as closely as possible, while including all the retro logos and symbols that Space Invaders fans will remember and love.
With this particular design we wanted it to be quite faded and distressed as Space Invaders first came out in the late 70s and carried on being popular into the 80s so we wanted this design to look retro and vintage as if it's a garment from that time.
There were no real problems with this design as it is such an iconic game we just needed to emulate it as closely as possible.  Because of this there was a lot of source material and research to work with, so it all went quite smoothly!  If it was recognisable as the Space Invaders game then I know I had succeeded.
The printing methods would be the same as the previous design you featured using screen 
Thank you
– James, Designer
As you can see the design has a distressed look giving this retro video game shirt a real vintage feel, like it was bought in the eighties
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 8
Check out the printing quality in this close  up shot of the design
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt close up


The tee itself is a good fit, lightweight cotton as was the previous tee that I reviewed from Truffle Shuffle.
What I really liked about this design and what made it so different to other classic Space Invaders video game tees, is the use of colour in the actual design. Most other Space Invader Tees have tended to be black and white.
However, as I have mentioned earlier  this design is a five colour artwork and with the added distressed logo that gives this tee a special look that stands it apart from other similar design.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 10
Not had a chance to wash the tee yet, so you are seeing the tee as it looks brand new, but if the previous tee is anything to go by, they wont be any problems.
In fact, I find the distressed look of the design, will look even better and even more authentically vintage after a few washes.
Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 11
Again I don't like the three tags on a tee, but that is just me. I would like to see some pictures on the site of someone wearing the tee but these are minor issues as overall a classic design, that anyone who is a fan of video games or gaming tees should be adding to their collection.

Let me see what my daughter thinks of the design.

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Aniyah what do you think of the design? 

Sorry about eating the sweets so quickly Daddy! 
I like the spaceships and the name as it looks dirty and yellowy!
Daddy are they going to send me any more sweets?
You can check out the t shirt here at their website.
I just want to thank Iain and everyone at Truffle Shuffle sending one of their tees for review.