Zero Frame T Shirt

Have you heard of a t shirt brand called Boomslank
Well neither did I, until recently, when I came across their site. I emailed them and they were kind enough to send me a t shirt to review.
I asked Justin over at Boomslank to tell me more about the brand. Here is what he had to say:
Started by three brothers all of which are into anime in a big way. The youngest of the brothers is the designer.
Boomslank noticed that there were not any original anime graphic tees at the time they launched. So they decided to launch their own.Justin
I checked out their website, it was very professional and polished.
A clean looking site with excellent product shots of their tees and phone cases.
I would prefer to see some shots of people actually wearing the tees. 
Now the actual t shirt itself. I was sent their Zero Frame T Shirt and Justin from Boomslank had this to say about the tee
"The Zero Frame design is inspired by our love of Gundams. Gundams are the traditional mechs in anime.
We were shooting for a design our male fans would love a lot"
I am ignorant when it comes to anime, but you don't need to be a fan of anime to really dig this design. Obviously fans of Anime would get a lot more out of the design.
The tee arrived in a standard mailer as you can see below which provided enough protection for the tee during its long journey to me. 
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 1
As you can see the tee was wrapped in a clear plastic bag and has an additional postcard
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 2
The postcard, with a print of the design on one side and information on the design on the other. I like it when t shirt brands provide something extra like this postcard as it gives the brand that professional touch.
Here is the front of the post with the Zero Frame design from the t shirt.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 3
Lots of product information on the back of the postcard about this design.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 4
The tee is not a tag less tee as you can see below, but it is a custom tag, with the Boomslank logo. 
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 5
There is also a hem tag, which is an additional extra touch to the t shirt which I liked
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 6
Looking at the actual t shirt itself, the cool screen printed design, which is called Zero Frame, my initial impressions were good.
The tee feels light weight and is of course 100% cotton.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 7
Here is a closer look at the actual t shirt, the print looks excellent and the detail of the design has been reproduced using screen printing 
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 8
Boomslank's chosen method of printing their tees works well as you can see from this close up of their design.
The screen printed design looks like it has a very clean looking print with no bleeding, this indicates that an excellent quality print.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 9
Now on to the actual wear of the t shirt, I have had this particular t shirt for quite a few weeks and it has been washed a few times.
The pictures show off the tee in its brand new state but the design and shape of the tee keep well after washing.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 10
The tee is very soft next to the skin and has a good fit; it is an American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey 100% cotton unisex tee.
It seemed abit of a heavier cotton when worn, which to be honest is what I prefer.


Overall I love the design of the t shirt, obviously you can tell their (Boomslank) influences are from Anime and this really shows in this design.
The level of detail is excellent and this is also an indication of the rest of their range of tees.
Boomslank Zero Frame Anime T Shirt Review 11
Although I am not into Anime in a big way, I do love their designs, some are understated and I think anyone can appreciate the effort that goes into the design.
I really like their design and that that it was situated on one side of the tee, giving the design a unique perspective. 
The Website was cool and very easy to navigate with an excellent choice of tees.
I really like the design, the custom tags on the back and the hem.
Overall I thought Boomslank was a cool brand with some cool people behind it!

Now On To My 5 Y/O  Daughter's Verdict.

 Goonies Quotes T Shirt From Truffle Shuffle

What did you think of the t shirt Aniyah?

Aniyah gave it a thumbs up and said.
I like robots.
I like robots with spikes!
Thank you Aniyah
I want to thank Justin over at Boomslank for sending me their Zero Frame t shirt for review.
You can check out their website at the link below and also check them out at some of their soical media hang outs