I had an idea when setting up Geek Shirts HQ, well it wasn’t when I set it up, it was when Geek Shirts HQ started becoming successful, as a t shirt blog
I wanted to give something back to a few charities that were personally important to me, and also help to publicise their causes.

I originally started GSHQ as something positive to focus on after the death of my sister.

Writing for the blog gave me something else to focus on in my life and not the feelings of loss I was continually feeling.
Starting GSHQ has enabled me to meet some wonderful people and be a part of a creative online community and make some really cool friends.
GSHQ has also given me the courage to explore my past and deal with issues that I thought were long forgotten.

One of which was the fact I was the victim of bullying when I was younger and also a bully myself.

words hurt

I didn’t have anyone to turn to, a mentor or someone who could just give me some advice.

It was my own internal moral compass where I knew I was not being treated in a correct way

I did eventually stand up to the bullies and overcome some of the fears that paralysed me from a young age.

It these experiences of bullying that gave me the inspiration for the banner headline at the homepage of the blog


And eventually using it to create a t shirt to sell in my own store

Geek Definition Tee 


I wanted to support a number of charities within Geek Shirts HQ

The first of which is Bullies Out a charity based in Cardiff, Wales

BulliesOut - Working with the Bullied, Bully and Bystander

10% of every sale from a Geek Definition T-Shirt will be donated to Bullies Out.

This is part of my personal commitment to give something back

And also publicize what I believe is a cause and a charity that has been working hard to help victims of bullying.


So WHO are Bullies Out?

Bullies Out cardiff

This is what I found out about Bullies Out over at their website

Provides help, support and information to individuals, schools, youth and community settings affected by bullying.
Our work directly addresses bullying, one of the core reasons affecting the emotional, social and academic well-being of our young people.
Bullies Out CHARITY
I spoke to Andrew Coutts, the Operation Services Manager at Bullies Out for more information about the charity.
We are based in Cardiff but can work throughout the UK and overseas.
We currently receive over 350,000 website hits and enquiries per year but still are a small charity with 2 full time and 3 part time staff.
Most of our work is undertaken by unpaid volunteers who now number about 70.
hTc 1173
We run workshops in primary and secondary schools on anti-bullying and harassment awareness as well as establishing mentoring/buddy systems for students.
We also run an online forum for individuals to get anonymous advice and info on matters related to bullying and have specific project work aimed at different communities and environments in which bullying and harassment is endemic – these include tackling issues of workplace bullying, homophobia and race hate crimes.
We have received a lottery grant to pay for three members of staff but do not receive any other public funding from Government.
At the moment we are running on a yearly income of around £80,000.
Bullies Out Has Three Core Values  in helping everyone who has been or is being affected by bullying.
Torfaen hands

Our Core Values


Through our innovative, interactive workshops and training programmes, we use our energy and enthusiasm to focus on awareness, prevention, building empathy and positive peer relationships all of which are crucial in creating a nurturing environment in which young people and staff can thrive.


Bullying is often talked about but can also be misunderstood. Developing a fuller awareness of how bullying can manifest, how it can be prevented and how it should be dealt with, will help both sufferers and perpetrators disengage from the bullying cycle.


Children and Young People who are bullied or bullying need support and specific, practical tools to move beyond the position they find themselves in. BulliesOut is a time-limited, solution focused anti-bullying service which provides just that.
hTc 712

Don't forget a percentage (%) of each sale of a Geek Definition Tee will be donated to the Bullies Out Charity

In helping them promote their three core values and help people who have been affected by bullying.

Bullies Out pride awards

The Annual Bullies Out Pride Awards is a presentation ceremony at Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday 8 June 2013 to recognise and reward their significant achievement.

The BulliesOut Pride Awards

  • recognise and accredit young people's achievements
  • develop life skills, confidence and self-esteem
  • promote good practice
  • encourage participation and social inclusion

You Can Find Out More Info Here


Geek Shirts HQ will be donating a Geek Definition tee and badges/stickers  for the raffle that will be held at the event.

Bullies Out pride awards 2013

Don’t forget a percentage of each sale from the Geek Definition Tee will be donated to Bullies Out Charity.


You can find out more about Bullies Out at the following locations