Welcome to another great tee of the week. I have tried to find the best designs available to feature as a tee of a week and this weeks is no exception.
You want a tee that looks good? wears well? and has a great original design?
Are you a fan of some of the greatest comic book heroes and villains?
If you answered yes to all the questions above, then here is the tee for you, Code Red At The Asylum. This tee combines all of the above into fantastic wearable art.
Dark Knight Rises will be out on cinema screens very soon, so there is going to be a lot new Batman Tees out there for you to buy.
However not all of them are going to be as original as this great Batman Inspired Tee. It is so original it does not even feature Batman. What it does feature is some of Batman's greatest foes caged within the walls of Arkham Asylum.
The graphics are designed in a dark room type environment and what you see of each villain is a silhouette. Can you guess all the villains?
Batman has obviously been very busy catching all sixteen of these super villains but wait, one villain has escaped, otherwise there wouldn't be a code red. There is no prizes for guessing who!
I don't think the Arkham Asylum security will catch him.  At least it will give Batman something to do when not playing the rich playboy.
The t shirt itself is 10.2 ounce and made of 100% cotton. It has a double needled seam neck, shoulders and bottom.
Taped at the neck and shoulders for a great fit and it even comes pre-shrunk so there are no accidents waiting to happen when washing and drying it.
Overall, this is a fantastic tee and a must for anyone especially if you are a fan of Batman.
You can get this great tee over at Splitreason and Amazon