Dot Work Skull T Shirt

I received this package a few months back and due to the amount of tee reviews I have to get through, it has taken this long to get around to writing a review for it. And also I have been wearing almost every day!
I knew straight away where this particular tee came from due to the design on the address label. Gary of Conscious Apparel packaged it by hand only the day before! 🙂
The package the tee comes in is standard packaging and more than enough to protect the tee during the shipment. There was a bit of a personal touch as I stated earlier the dot work skull design was printed on the address label.
As you can see the package included the actual t shirt and a compliments slip from Conscious Apparel.
A lot of t shirt vendors like to put in a lot of extras such as stickers pin badges, now that I do like the freebies, I was perfectly happy to receive just the tee, as it is being sold at a great price.
Now, the actual r shirt itself, it is made from lightweight cotton and the brand of tee used is a Gildan, as you can see from the tag.
The design itself is a cool skull design comprised of dots. I really like the fact that Conscious apparel are trying to distinguish their skull tee from number of skill tees that toucan buy. For more info on this cool tee, check out the new brand alert from Conscious Apparel.
Have a closer look at the cool design, it really does stand out next to the black t shirt.
If have a closer look at the artwork you can see the dots that make up this cool tee,
And what I hear you ask, about the fit of the tee itself?
It fitted well and thought it looked good while wearing the tee. It was 100% cotton, so it felt soft next to the skin.
In conclusion, a really cool t shirt from a new brand trying to make a name for them in the online t shirt world. Judging by their efforts so far I think they have succeeded. I love my tee I have been wearing it a lot.
I have a few minor quibbles and these really are minor, I would personally love to see the tee as a tag-less tee with any necessary info printed on the reverse of the back of the tee.
Another suggestion could be a small discreet logo at the back on the other side of the tee, to help with both brand recognition and give the tee more of a quality feel.
Thirdly I personally like a heavier tee as this one feels a little lightweight.
The price of the tee is great and IF there were a bit of an increase in their production costs due to the changes I recommended, I would not personally have an issue with it.  These are just suggestions for the future,
Those really are minor things as I think as a new brand, Conscious Apparel have really delivered with an awesome t shirt.
Additionally they are doing the right things to get noticed.  And ultimately, what matters most are their designs.
Judging by their Facebook page, I think everyone else agrees.
Conscious Apparel is a brand that is getting good vibes everywhere. As for my tee, it has now become my favourite piece of clothing.
There is an exclusive 10% discount for all readers of Geek Shirts HQ and the Skull Dot Work tee is now available in blue and red. 

DotWork Skull T Shirt – Cardinal Red

Mmm… I really like the look of that red tee 🙂

Conscious Apparel Contact information:

And you can learn more about Conscious Apparel and the Dot Work Skull Tee from the Conscious Apparel New Brand Alert