Welcome to another cool New Brand Alert, this time we have brand that is not exactly new but I recently came across them through Twitter.  The brand was started by Girts, Crazyzeestuff.
The first time I have featured a store from Zazzle. I liked Girts enthusiasm and thought his tees were interesting enough to be featured.
Let me get "Girts" to tell you a little more.
Crayzeestuff was created by me in 2009 and it was an inspiration of previous years when I was designing some parody advertisements and gift t-shirts just for fun. Then one day a friend came by and said: “Hey, you’re good at this – you should totally send your designs to some huge company, maybe they’ll hire you.”
Yeah, I liked the idea that I’m good at designing, still didn’t want to sell out to some company.
Years went by as I was doing it all just for fun until I found Zazzle. So I joined Zazzle and was ready to start – still didn’t know what kind of products will I sell. That’s where the “stuff” came up.
I totally knew that my designs won’t be normal. They should be crazy, urban and fun. But why just crazy when you can make it even crazier or “crayzee”? So the brand Crayzeestuff was born.
More or less each design has a story and today I’m sharing two of them.
Gas Mask was one of the first designs created for Crayzeestuff.
Actually the story behind this design is quite funny – one year after college I met with my friends in my hometown and we decided that we shouldn’t go party that weekend but instead do some other fun activities.
Let’s draw graffiti! 🙂 Of course we got in little trouble with police while others where partying. Lesson learned – leave your inspirations on other objects than walls and better go party!

Last week I remembered Deadmau5 – DJ who’s wearing a mouse head while playing. So I thought if there are any other funny animals playing and came to an idea that it would be cool if pandas would play house music.
So I created a panda with headphones. Still my panda needed to be cooler than other DJ pandas – I took of sunglasses from Kanye West (sorry Kanye) and gave them to my panda!

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