Crazy Kitty are a COOL new brand believe it or not, just launched this month at the time of writing this and already, making a bit of a splash on Facebook.
This brand already looks to have gotten their marketing right! as i am, eagerly awaiting the release of their first collection. I am hoping this is going to be a brand that we will be hearing big things about in the future.
As ever, I will leave it to the owner of the brand, to give you some more info. The mysterious Tom!
Crazy Kitty Clothing was founded by me early August of 2012, we are a authentic /rocky style clothing brand.
We are due to launch our first range of products mid October or if we can late September.
I am the owner of this brand and the deal with the day to day operations of the company as well.
The other people that are part of our team are Josh Kelly (he is our epic graphic designer) who does all the art work for the t shirts and anything that we may be selling.
I also have my best friend Jono Newton who will be helping me package and send out the products to the lovely people around the world.
We are looking to bring a fresh new look to the clothing industry and make people think wow that's some nice products that you have for sell there and come to our store buy some gear and repp us.
We will also be endorsing bands, We already have one band that we will start to endorse in October time that band is called WeCameFromWolves.
Here are the first of our new releases, this one will be available very very soon! 🙂
Here are the links to our pages
Our online store that we are still working on
Thanks Tom, Don't forget to check out the website and the Facebook page for regular updates on this cool brand.