I really enjoy highlighting some of the smaller t shirts brands that sell geek shirts. The company Cuppa-T was brought to my attention a few months ago. A New Zealand brand based in Auckland.

Cuppa-T started as a conceptual brand in 2997. It was defined as a light heard back story of brand determined to raise awareness of a future robot uprising through propaganda t shirts, which explains the communist military styling and the raised robot fist logo. Now the range has expanded to all things Sci-Fi.

Cuppa T describe themselves as a brand that carries a distinct style and set of interests, a blend of ssi-fi, techiness and vintage nostalgia.

Cuppa T has developed into a great geek/street t shirt label with some fantastic interpretations.


Here are some of my favourite t shirts from Cuppa T

The majority of the t shirts were designed by the owner Tony Graystone, with one exception, the hoverboard shirt, which was a collaboration with the illustrator Sami Greystone. (How was that for a great link to the shirt)


Hoverboards T Shirt

A great t shirt inspired by the classic 80s movie franchise Back To The Future. The shirt is designed in the style of a classic comic book advert.


Support Your Local Scientist T Shirt

Cuppa T has designed another great shirt inspired by Back To The Future. This time. We all want Hoverboards, Time Travel and a Robot Butler. Help us rally support for your local struggling Scientists so he can get on with inventing our future. The bar has just been raised on Geek Science t-shirts.


Cuppa T has a new Back To The Future T Shirt being released soon, but they can't decide on which colour! I personally think release all three!

What do you think?


Delorean For Sale T Shirt


I don't know if you have guessed but I am a massive Back To The Future fan! Now Cuppa T make a lot of cool t shirts but the their Back To The Future T Shirts are my favorite. The designs are awesome and highly original, And they do stand out against the many Back To The Future T Shirts I have found.



All of Cuppa T shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel 180gsm combed cotton t shirts.