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New Dark Knight Rises Tees And A Favour To Ask

Nerd Kung-Fu has a fantastic range of new Dark Knight Rise T Shirts. Three of my favorites are below


Dark Knight Rises Break Through T Shirt


The Dark Knight Rises Break Through tees shirts


The Dark Knight Rises Final Fight T Shirt


The Dark Knight Rises Final Fight tees shirts


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Splatter T Shirt


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Splatter tees shirts




Dave from Nerd Kung Fu has a personal favour to ask, I will leave it for him to explain further.

Our business is entered into a contest to win a Small Business grant from Chase Bank and the Small Business Administration.


We need just a few more votes to be considered for this grant.  I humbly ask that you take a minute to log in and vote for us.  It couldn't be simpler to do:

1.  Go to and click on the Log In & Support button.  You can log in via Facebook.

2.  Search for Nerd Kung Fu.

3.  Click on the Vote button next to my business name.

4.  Receive my thanks and admiration.

  • I would greatly appreciate it.  In thanks for your support I have created a hot new coupon good for a massive 20% off any one order for the duration of the contest. 
  • Use code 'Mission' at check out to receive your discount. 
  • Furthermore, I will include a bonus item or shirt of some kind in each order that uses the coupon code. 
  • If we hit our vote goal you can expect another coupon code of equal or greater value coming up.




New Additions To Crazy Go Online Store

Crazy Go Lucky has two great t shirts added to its on-line store.

Glasses FTW! Tee



Meat Burger Om Nom Nom Nom! Tee







New Coupon Code for CafePress

There is a great new code from CafePress that will give you a massive 35% off all of their tees using the following code.

Coupon Code: FLOAT




Sneak Peak At Qwertee

Here is a sneak peak at the t shirts that will be available next week at Qwertee





Limited Edition Tees From Design By Humans

Design By Humans has lots of great limited edition tees available. ~Check these great tees below

Modern Cartoon by Jublin


Modern Cartoon t-shirts


Wisdom by Hydro74

The Wisdom t-shirts


Dino Frenzy by Mr Nicolo


DINOsaur FRENZY t-shirts

There are loads more limited edition shirts here

This Lone Wolf Tee is a brand new edition to RSC and is part of the RSC Summer Collection.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Black t-shirts




A Great Tee From Threadless

I came across this great tee from Threadless while on Twitter, I really do like the artwork in this fantastic design.

Use Your Brain t-shirts
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