Geek Shirts HQ, if you visited before you know the drill, lots of new tee releases to get through and a few new brands are thrown in for good measure.
If you are new, welcome! And where have you been all my life!?!
Anyway, enough of the small talk lets crack on with what is new in tee world
Here we go, Let's start with Redbubble
Today we have a couple of Batman inspired t shirts. Check them out below.
An excellent Dark Knight Rises parody from Teeketch.

New Shirts from warbucks360
1st Place In DBH 8 Bit Design Contest
You may or may not remember, but Design By Humans held a contest for an 8 bit inspired design. Well you can check out the winner of of the contest and his winning design below.
New Brand to Geek Shirts HQ Chopshopstore
Here is a great new brand to Geek Shirts HQ, it is Chop Shop Store.They have a new collection of tees called Civilicious.
Here is one of my favorites from their new collection.
Seventh Ink, are back in the news again this week, due to their Kickstarter campaign. I though while telling you about this, why not feature one of my favorite tee from their collection.
Let me get Matt from Seventh Ink to tell you more about this great tee
I designed that one simply because I wanted to do a skull design, but I wanted to do something different. So, I gave it a little action with the jaw being blown off and the result is Knocked Speechless.
It's tagless and printed on American Apparel with water based inks.
I actually have a video of the illustration process for that one here on Vimeo:

Knocked Speechless Illustration Time Lapse

Seventh.Ink has just announced a Kickstarter campaign that features three new animal-themed designs that will be printed on buttons, shirts, prints, and canvas prints.
The designs are: Party Croc, Belligerent Bengal, and Wisest Owl.
  • Each of these designs is super detailed and has been illustrated specifically with the Kickstarter campaign in mind.
  • Even $10 will get you a button set, stickers, and a hand written thank-you note shipped right to your door.
  • These items are set at great prices that include shipping, so head on over to the Kickstarter page and reserve yours before August 1st.
  • Seventh Ink kickstarter campaign aim to raise money for their collection, if you donate to this campaign, there are some awesome perks coming your way. Check it  out here.





New From Glennztees
Little did they know he was a hired gun in the 8-bit underworld.




New To Geek Shirts HQ Don't Blink Tees
A fantastic new brand has been brought to my attention called Don't Blink Tees.
You will be hearing more about this excellent brand over the next few months, with an interview planned in the future with Geek Shirts HQ and hopefully a review of one of their most popular tees.
Below is one of my personal favorite. There were loads to choose from.

The Ringer

"The new guy—"Darth" he was called—came highly recommended as the solution to their Big Yellow Problem. But now the ghosts were having second thoughts about the newest addition to their team. He was a little too spooky."
Geek Shirts HQ News
A brand new interview in the T Shirt Brand Undressed series, this week we have Bitmapd. Have a look at this great interview here! There is also a chance to save 10% on Bitmap'd Tees with a speical limited code, check out the interview for more details.
Don't forget this weeks designer in the spotlight in the Designer Unlocked Series – Blayde.
There is the Shirt of the Week from Firepower, called Darth Stark and you can have a chance of winning this great tee.
If stalking is your thing, then check us out 
Coming very soon!!! Honest! Over 100 Batman T Shirts.