Welcome to a review of a t shirt from a Brand called Try This On For Size (TTOFS).
If you have not heard of the brand, it was started by two cool guys from Canada, Noel Villeneuve and Steve Gillon.
You can find out more about TTOFS, in my exclusive interview which you can check out here.

Dark Side Or Die T Shirt Review

The t shirt that I was sent for review is their Dark Side Or Die! T Shirt.
A Star Wars inspired t shirt.
You can see it here advertised on their website.
I would like to see a few shots of someone wearing the tee.
I think that always helps when buying something online. 
try this one for a size
Here is the packaging that the t shirt arrived in.
The contents were well protected on their Journey from Canada to the UK.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 7
 I was actually sent two t shirts both similar designs.
The design Dark Side Or Die is actually a collaboration between TTOFS and Jesse Rayburn.
I actually interviewed Jessie For my designer unlocked interview series, which you can find here.
Jesse included another Dark Side Or Die Tee as a thank you for the interview 🙂.
For the purposes of the feature I will be using the TTOFS tee for the review and would like to thank Jesse for taking the time out to send me an awesome tee with a few added extras.
Back to the review,  the contents of the packaging is below, I have included Jessie's tee as well.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 8
TTOFS sent me the tee with a small thank you card which was hand written and a couple of pins (badges if you are in the UK).
I really liked the design of the card. It was also a nice touch that TTOFS wrote a personal message on the card.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 9
The pins (or badges) are 10mm metal pins and the printing on the pins are of a very high quality.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 10
There was also a swing tag attached to the t shirt, giving the impression that the guys running the brand have really thought about the impression they want to deliver whenever someone buys one of their t-shirts.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 3
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 4
The t shirt itself is a black tee with the Dark Side Or Die! design silk screen printed on the front of the t shirt.
TTOFS silkscreen printed it themselves using Plastisol inks that are reduced down so the print does not appear like it is sitting on top of the tee but part of the t shirt itself.
The brand of tees usually used by TTOFS is Alstyle Apparel.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 11
The neck tag is actually printed with the TTOFS logo and looks awesome.
I love tees with custom neck tags. Always gives the brand that extra bit of professionalism. I know I am sad! 🙂
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 13
Looking at a close up of the design, the silk screen printing method TTOFS has used looks of a high quality.
The edges of the design are clean, and solid, with no bleeding. Signs that the design is a good print.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 12
If you look closer at the design, you can see what I mentioned earlier about the clean lines of the print.
You may have also noticed the design was printed with a distressed look, the over all look will get better the more you wash it.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 14


Overall I am very impressed with the t shirt.
The fit was good, (never worn an alstyle apparel tee before).
Felt soft next to the skin and seems to be made from a light weight cotton.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 1
The printing of the design , I thought was of exceptional quality
I love the custom neck print on the inside of the tee.
I was not really surprised to find out that they do their printing in house and you can tell are not just here to sell tees, but provide I think a whole customer experience.
The little added extras of the pins and little printed post card with the hand written message added both professionalism and a personal touch you don't always see whenever you purchase some thing online.
Dark Side Or Die T Shirt 2
I just want to say thank you for the cool tee to Noel, Steve and Jesse.