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If you are looking for a great new tee, with a fantastic design, then you will love this week’s shirt of the week, from a new designer we have not featured before. Nick Heazell, AKA Firepower. Not only is this a great new design but Nick has agreed to launch his fantastic new design here at Geek Shirts HQ.
Ever wondered what it would be like to be living in a body suit for your whole life? 
Would you like to sound  similar to a constant heavy breather, so you are banned from making phone calls?
What about being a rich playboy powered by a battery?
Interested in being Boy Scout?
If you answered yes to the questions above apart from the last one, as I can't help you there. Then read on.
I love the design of this tee and the name. And as I am a big fan of both franchises that Nick has incorporated in his design. As you may have guessed I am really excited about a brand new design launched here at Geek Shirts HQ. 
Let Nick tell you more about this great design.
How did you come up with this design?
I often combine franchises in some way to make a spin on a piece. For this one I thought the idea was so glaringly obvious. Tony Stark built his heart ARC device to keep him alive and power himself in his armour but who else has a sort of chest plate regulator and is encased in armour, with power? None other than the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader.

I made the mistake of calling this a mash up when I held it up for critique. People said there’s enough Vader and too much Iron Man. But it’s not really a mash up; just a fun look at one aspect on a character that would fit in well on another character but it would be a significant enough change to be compelling….or just funny.

And can you imagine the power of this guy now with Sith/Imperial technology!

The hardest part of this was the title, there were way too many options:
Iron Vader, Darth Man, Darth Stark, Tony Sith, Sith & Stark Industries etc.
Ultimately I decided on Darth Stark.

What process did you follow in creating this design?

Process for me as usual is to sketch in the lines, colour block it out, then add detail and effects if needed. I do this through hundreds of layers in illustrator and often combine it with Photoshop.

In fact there are a few versions of this and I did some asking around for opinions on which to go with. So sometimes before making it live I will make changes at the last minute. Such is the case with this one.





Here is the colouring stage:




Here there`s a version with him holding a Lightsaber which is on and coming directly at the viewer in huge forced perspective. (no pun intended…get it… forced? ok ok). There's also a version with him just holding the hilt of the Lightsaber with it unlit as if it was on. There's yet another version in my head where his hands have Sith electrical bands roiling around them.

In the final version as  you can see, I elected to go simpler, but added Vader's utility belt.

It was super fun to imagine so I hope you like.  Oh and one more thing, there's a sequel, it's going to be Vader with Tony Stark's chest ARC device, turn around is fair-play after all.

Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of it like me




Thank you Nick, for taking the time out to talk with me today. I can’t wait for the sequel sounds like it will be another awesome shirt. One last question, how can people get in contact with you or purchase your designs
twitter: @Fire_powR
And of course don't forget my Store
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Nick has agreed to be interviewed for the Designer Unlocked series. You can catch his interview on July 24th.



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