Welcome to the Tee of the Week, where we bring you the very best designs that we can find and put the Geek Shirts HQ spotlight on it.
As we continue with Batman Fortnight, we have another great Batman T shirt, an urban species tee brought to you by 8ball.co.uk.
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You like Bats?
Do you like shadowy figures chasing you at night?
You probably answered no to both questions above but answer me this….
Are you a fan of Batman?
Have you always wanted to be a rich playboy and play with gadgets? 
If answered yes then read on as we have a fantastic Batman tee for you! 
This week’s shirt of the week has been designed by Urban Species, it has great artwork and I think brings an original design that stands out from the plethora of Batman t shirts at the moment.


As you can see there is a heavy graffiti influence running through the design, you could be mistaken for thinking this stencil like design has been taken straight from a wall.
The T-shirt itself is 100% cotton and the design is screen printed. 
It's available from 8ball with an exclusive 20% discount for Geek Shirts HQ readers.
Expiry Date: 21st August