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Welcome to Geek Shirts HQ News Digest!

We really have a jam packed edition of the news for you today with loads of t shirts to tell you about.
A sale at Teebusters
New lines from Rock Candy and Live to Love.
New tees from Shark Robot
News of Venus Fallen new collaboration and of course loads more
Lets start with what is going on at Redbubble with loads of new tees from the design community.

New From Redbubble

Clocktower Propaganda T Shirt

By Joe Duggen
Most of you may know I love my Back To The Future. So I am really digging this cool tee!

The Botfather Shirt

By Beware1984
Love this design from Beware1984

Winter Is Coming Here Shirt

By Firepower
Here is one of my favorite designers Nick Heazell in another cool new design.

Power Ranger Smith Shirt

By Dan Mathews
A superb mashup from Dan the man!

I Survived 12.21.2012 T-Shirt

by ninjaink
Just in time for the Mayan Apocalypse! I for one am pretty optimistic that I’ll see December 22 and 2013

New Release From Super Hero Stuff

Deadpool Nouveau T Shirt

Have you seen SuperHeroStuff brand new Deadpool Nouveau 30 Single T-Shirt?
Made from 100% Cotton, this soft, black t-shirt features an image of everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth (he said I had to lead with that. I told him it's overused, he spiked me in the eye with a rake).
Deadpool, set against a background rendered in a style that looks very Art Nouveau to me. Or maybe it's Cubism. Ok, it's not that.
Anyway, it's Deadpool. He'll throw lawn darts at you until you make the sound of a Unicorn drowning in oatmeal. And no, you won't ever get close to hitting that stifled, congested braying so prepare for a profuse and perpetual summer picnic puncturing!
OH! Should also mention this shirt is made of a higher, 30 Single thread count making it softer than the average t-shirt.

A New Tee From Tee Volt

A brand new tee from Tee Volt. If you have not heard of Tee Vault, the first rule of Tee Volt is…. only kidding!
Tee Volt is a relatively new site and has a brand new tee every 7 days. Their new design caught my eye.

Keep Calm and Run Zombies Are Coming T Shirt

By Zombie Man


New From Busted Tees

Have you always got that ugly Christmas Sweater that you can't throw away because the relative that knitted it for you is still alive? 
Well now you can get wear the ugly Christmas sweater as a t shirt or even better, get you own back and give it as a present this Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt


Newly Launched Clean Cut Clothing

K Tee

Only just been launched, Clean Cut offer more than a clothing brand they offer a lifestyle. I don't really know what that means, however I do like this new tee. 

New Collaboration from Venus Fallen And The Mothership

Venus Fallen has another great collaboration t shirt that has just been released. This time it is The Mothership! Who are The Mothership? 
The Mothership is a band started by Spencer Sotelo and Matt Halpern of DC's progressive metal band Periphery. You check out their Facebook page here.
Back to the cool new collaboration, I think Matt has produced another design. I especially like the intricate detail of his designs and this one is no exception.

The Mothership Collaboration Shirt

 Nazis Sesame Street Shirt, Mars Investigations, No Fate, Graveyard T Shirts


Live To Love New Winter Line Is Out!

Live to Love Apparel has just released their new winter line. There new collection includes this really cool tee that has text. Not normally a big fan of text based tees but I think Live to Love has made clever use of the text in this design.

Do Not Lose Heart Tee

You can check on the rest of their winter line here

Festeeval At Teebusters are having a Christmas FesTEEval sale for 48 hours from the 1st-3rd of December. FesTEEval tees with be a random choice of previous TeeBusters designs! Tees €5.99 each. Get 3 tees for €15! Worldwide Shipping Available on
There will be a cool t shirt review coming soon from Teebusters!

New Designs At Meat Bun

There is a new range over at Meat Bun called Demons N' Darkness

Demons And Dragons T Shirt

Here is one of my favorites from the new range Design by Dan Dussault

New Tee On Pre-Order Over At Shark Robot

Shark Robot as well as having a cool name, has a fantastic mashup shirt featuring Pokemon and Mass Effect. This tee is available on pre-order right now

Charmander Shepard Shirt


Luigi Always Angry Shirt

Another brilliant design!
Check out their site for loads more gems on pre-order.

New From Rock Candy Clothing

Rock Candy's new range is out now including this cool t shirt

Killer Pop T Shirt

I personally like the look of this new brand and will be keeping an eye on them for the future!

Sale At Conscious Apparel

There is a sale over at Conscious Apparel, you can get their awesome Skull Dot Work Tee for only £8, it was so awesome I had to write a review on  it, check it out here

All their tees have been reduced

Dot Work Skull T Shirts 7 Conscious Apparel Dot Work Skull T Shirt Review





Geek Shirts HQ News

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There is a brand new interview over at Video Game Shirts Online, in fact it is the first interview to be featured on Video Game Shirts Online. I don't normally feature other blogs but I have guest posted on VGSO in the past and help set up this interview. This week they are featuring 8 Bit Apparel
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