If you remember a few weeks ago, I interviewed geek chic tees in the Designer Unlocked Series. If you missed the interview you can check it out here.
One of my favourite tees was his Doctor Who design, which he kindly sent me from Redbubble. I thought I would review both his tee and Redbubble.
If you have lived under a rock for the last half century or on a desert island with no access to the internet, TV, radio or any other entertainment medium then you can be forgiven if you have not heard of Doctor Who, if you have not been living in one of the places already mentioned and you don’t know of Doctor Who, then shame on you! Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction serial in the world.
Doctor Who was created by the UK broadcaster, the BBC. It is about the adventures of a time traveller. I am not going to tell you anymore. Check out Doctor Who on the internet for more info, this is a t shirt review!
I received the package from Redbubble yesterday and as you can see below it was packaged in Redbubble’s branded plastic mailer.
The packaging fills its required purpose to protect the t shirt during shipping as the mailer was strong, and I could only open with a pair of scissors. 
When opening the packaging, the t shirt was neatly folded and accompanied with stickers
The stickers has a bit of information from redbubble as well as a few pixellated stickers from very important pixels. Must be some sort of advertising for them. There is also sticker giving the name of the tee and designer.
Now back to the t shirt, as you can see it is a cool take on the moon landing with a doctor who touch! I got the black ink version but there is a white ink version on darker tees. There is the union jack flag in the background, a proud moment for UK astronauts. 🙂
Here is a closer look at the design
I love the detail with the TARDIS light in colour against the monochrome picture, it really makes it stand out.
Have a closer look at the TARDIS, the picture looks a bit grainy on close up but design represents pictures from the era of the moon landings (late sixties, early seventies).
The t shirt itself is an America Apparel Shirt, as you can see from the tag. A closer fitting t shirt, it feels soft when worn and is made from a light weight cotton.
It does feel good when worn. I think one can only see if a shirt has good cut and fits well when it is modeled by someone. That's when you see the real beauty of the orchestrated design, this one is being worn by me!
I love the cut of American Apparel t shirts, so I knew when I saw the tag that this would fit well and comfortable to wear.
A cool t shirt with a great print that really does look as good when I first saw it on my computer screen. Check out the shirt yourself here or check out Redbubble and their MASSIVE range of T-Shirts.
And Don't Forget The White Ink Version Below
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