Dough Clothing

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This time we have a brand from the northern part of England called Dough Clothing

They have just release their Spring 2013 range
I caught up with George one of the co-founders of Dough Clothing to tell me more about their cool brand.
Why did you start Dough Clothing?
The name, Dough, was influenced by many things. Firstly, street culture.
With money high in the agenda of many young entrepreneurs, and the resurgence of the rap genre of music, Dough is the term many use when describing money, especially large amounts. This resonates with us and our customers as life is about the drive, determination and willingness to work for that Dough that we all possess.
It is a way of life, not just a brand.
When did you start?
The brand Dough Clothing was originally set up in the summer of 2012, with a range of hip-hop/rap based tees being our first release. However, our current Spring 2013 range, LEOPARD & CAMO, are what really showcases our urban and unique feel. These are some of the most vibrant and bright designs out there this Spring!
Where are you based?
We are based in Yorkshire, England.

Camo Tee


Available at Dough Clothing

Where did you get name Dough Clothing?
The name of our brand came from personal experiences of street culture and the drive for wealth and the good life among the younger generation.
What else can you tell me about Dough Clothing?
The name of our brand is not simply a name, it is a beacon of motivation for all the grafters out there to reach their goals and achieve wealth.
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
All of our designs are screen printed (with a custom neck print) on Gildan T-shirts, as we believe they have unrivalled quality, comfort and fit.

Leopard Tee


Available at Dough Clothing

What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
They can expect high quality customer service, fast delivery, and a quality tee. They may also receive some freebies hidden in their package, like stickers for example!
What plans have you got for the future?
We aim to bring a few additions to our spring 2013 range, consisting of beanies, hoodies and sweaters – we already have a zebra print tee in our plans. In summer, we hope to release a few tanks and caps.
Where can I find out more about Dough Clothing?
On our social networking sites: