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New Tees From Design By Humans
New From Busted Tees
Tees Back In Print From Threadless
Ronnel Cabardo
Travis Pitts
New Tee Releases From Fright Rags
Fright Rags have teamed up with Christopher Lovell again to bring this obscure fan favorite to life. Now if only they'd release it on DVD…
Pee-wee isn't horror you say? Fair enough. But I'll be damned if that crazy lady didn't give me the heebie-jeebies when I was a kid. If you're brave, grab this shirt by the evil genius Jared Moratis and tell 'em Large Marge sent you!
The Terminator, Robocop, Johnny 5…all were wicked cool robots from our childhood. But to me, the Mark 13 was the baddest robot this side of the post-apocalyptic future. So we had AJ Dimarucot put together a simple, yet effective, design that pays homage to this lesser-known fan favorite.
New Video Game Shirts From JINX
There are loads of new tees over at JINX, here are a couple of cool new Portal 2 video game t shirts.
New From We Love Fine
Wake up and smell the roses… in this beautiful new stained glass-inspired My Little Pony tee! 
by Samuel Ho aka Sho (mens & womens)
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Cool new Designer Unlocked interview with Apalooza Design
A great interview with Matt from Seventh.Ink
The shirt of the week, an awesome Futurama t shirt.
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