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Ember Clothing

The latest cool brand to come out of the UK in an exclusive interview
Ember Clothing

There is an exclusive discount that you can find at the end of the interview for GSHQ readers.

Why did you start Ember Clothing?
Ember was started by 2 mates at college who both shared a love for urban and street wear. Its a great way for us to express our creativity and learn more about business life. 
When did you start?
Ember Clothing was established in late 2012 but has really taken off this year (2013) with our several sponsorships and the release of our summer range!
Where are you based?
We are based in Manchester UK and take great pride from this.
All of our designs are designed by local tattoo and graphic artists who share the same passion we do.
We love the lifestyle and culture of Manchester as it is the home of the best sports teams, music and urban fashion!

Galaxy Tee

Galaxy Tee
Where did you get name Ember Clothing? 
When the business started a good friend helped set it up. 'Ember' is an abbreviation of his name and we chose it because it is easy to work with graphically as well as representing th eidea that every fire must start from an ember!
What else can you tell me about Ember Clothing?
We produce Tees, Vests and Jumpers of an excellent standard that you cannot fault. Our new Summer Range is based around designs from local, Mancunian tattoo artists.
Most of the designs feature animals because they are really unique designs that transform a natural being into an urban representative.
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
As we take great pride in being from the UK and especially Manchester We want to share Manchester with everyone.
We have a great relationship with a printer in Manchester from prints our designs onto high quality, 100% cotton products that are similar to the products used by many high street retailers!

Crest  Sweater

Crest  Sweater
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
Our products are only printed and produced when the order is placed to ensure a high quality and unique product.
We also tie-dye selected tees and so allow around 10 days to post the product.
We understand this is not a quick delivery time but the customer service we provide is excellent.
We always send vinyl stickers for free with every order and a personal message to the customer. the packaging is high standard to ensure the safe delivery of our high quality products to the customer!
What plans have you got for the future?
This summer we are sponsoring BMX riders, DJs and Bands from the North West of England to compete at competitions and represent us at events and festivals.
You next event you will find Ember Representatives at is the 'Mancka' free party event in Manchester. (more info on our Facebook page!) If you are a band/DJ/BMX rider get in touch with us either via facebook message or email!

Cobra Sweater

Cobra Sweater
Where can I find out more about Ember Clothing?

Im also happy to let you know that your customers will also receive a 10% discount on our online store (ember.bigcartel.com) if they enter the code 'GEEK' into the discount code box on the checkout page!