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This week we have another new daily tee site, actually this is a weekly tee site, with a unique selling point.
The weekly tee site only caters for people who need "Big and Tall" sizes.
I think this point alone is enough for this brand to succeed. However judging by the quality of the designs they have featured thus far, I think Fresh Brewed Tee has a bright future.
Fresh Brewed Tee

Geek Shirts HQ Welcomes Fresh Brewed Tee

…..The Latest Brand To Get Undressed.
Can you start by giving some background about yourself?
As a company Fresh Brewed Tee is a family owned and operated business.
My name is Mark and I work the print operations end of the business with my wife Helene who handles the books.
You know my son Andrew as Apalooza Design and he helps up curate the art and run web operations.
Where you are from?
We are from the NYC Tri-State area. Although I think any one of us individually have been told we must be from Mars at any given point in our lives.
Why did you start a daily/weekly tee site instead of a ‘regular’ t-shirt brand?
To be honest it seemed prudent to build a brand this way. It can always evolve into a 'regular" brand.

Loki Charm T-Shirt

By AcidFree

Fresh Brewed Tee shirts

Where did you get the name Freshly Brewed Tee?
Just a silly play on words. Andrew loves mash-up tee designs and silly parodies. This kind of goes along with that.
Can you tell me more about the brand Fresh Brewed Tee?
We've been asked; why not something that evokes Big and Tall right in the brand? To which we say that while we will ALWAYS serve that niche of
What makes Fresh Brewed Tee different from other similar daily/weekly tee shirt sites? What is your USP?
Three words "Big and Tall". We are all big and or tall here at Fresh Brewed Tee. We saw the need.
In a collab that Apalooza did with another artist "The Walking Red" which appeared on TeeFury there were comments about the sizes.
One in particular that stood out was someone, a competitive body builder (He mentioned that in the posting), that was 5XL and so very much wanted the tee.
On our Facebook page now one woman mentioned she was tired of buying them at other SotD sites and then having to cut them out and applique them onto other shirts.

Thorrios T-Shirt

By AcidFree

Fresh Brewed Tees

How does a designer get to feature their design on your site?
We are curating right now; taping into Apalooza's contacts into the industry.
We are not taking submissions. That might change at some point but for right now we're keeping that process close to the vest.
If you are an artist that had a blockbuster design on another SotD style site and for some reason we missed it and have not contacted you feel free to reach out to us at curator@freshbrewedtee.com
Who are your favourite designers that hope to feature on your site?
Well we already have two of our favourites up there.
CoDdesigns in week two and we launched with Bamboota.
What's not to love? A huge supporter of ours is coming online with us for Week 3 – Karen Hallion.
I'd love to see Droidloot on board, ZeroBriant, Ian Leino, Bleee, Fishbiscuit, Cubik, InkOne, just to name a few. There really are so many.
As a brand how much importance to you put on marketing on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook?
This is huge for us. We have 450 fans in just our first week. We are very interactive with them. It turns out we did a really bad job of getting our sizing charts in a good place initially. They were hard to find and hard to understand.
We ship to the whole world but had not provided measurements in centimetres, only inches.
Our fans let us know immediately and we now have our third iteration of sizing charts up on the site in a week. The fans let us know what they needed. They did it quickly and decisively and we listened. We like to ask questions of our fans on twitter and on Facebook. That is important.

Doctorama T-Shirt

By CoDdesigns


Fresh Brewed Tee shirts

What’s coming next for Fresh Brewed Tee?
Week 3 specifically has a tee by Karen Hallion!
On the business side we are already running into problems with the fact that our Tall blanks don't come in as many diverse colours as our big blanks. We have the challenge of working with our vendors on sorting that out.

Who Is This? T-Shirt

By Karen Hallion


Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
Me personally, Mark, and my wife Helene; we'll be retired.
As for Apalooza aka Andrew; I'm not sure maybe he will have handed it off to his children or nieces and nephews; he's raising some wonderfully geeky kids there and they might just have the knack for running a site like ours. Perhaps we'll even be a brand that is in brick and mortar stores by then.
Now that you have launched, is there anything you would have done differently if you launched a similar venture?
I think maybe we would have taken the time to have our own blanks manufactured rather than buying blanks. We are frustrated by the fact that we sometimes won't be able to offer Tall tees depending on the design and the colour the blank needs to be. We may ultimately end up producing our own blanks because of this.
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
We prefer screen printing right now but we are always evaluating direct to garment printing (DTG). DTG is just not "there" yet as far as we are concerned but soon it will be and at that time we may reconsider.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
We use a nice 6.1 oz. 100% cotton tee from Port and Company. They give us the best big sized colour options and size range.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
A quality product. Vibrant colours. An accurate fuller fit. We feel our checkout is easy and our responsiveness to customer inquiries is better than most.
What happens after a customer places an order?
When will they receive their tee? They receive confirmation emails all along the way. When the order is placed and when the order is fulfilled.
We expect to have the tee printed and shipped during the week following the sale week. As of right now, during this interview we have just wrapped up week one and I can say we are on par to meeting that expectation.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Hello RBC, we have our eyes on you! Reach out to us if we don't reach out to you.
Is there anything else you want to add?
Stay geeky my friends!
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you.