It was only a few weeks ago that I ordered a package from Fright Rags, I actually pre-ordered a few weeks before and once it was release it only took a couple of weeks to arrive to me. This is not long as the package had to arrive via airmail as i am based in the UK.
This was a plus point as I am often getting tees for reviews and they normally take forever to arrive due to coming from some distant land that is not the UK 🙂
The t shirt came in a standard mailer that was branded with the Fright Rags logo, actually this was a bit better than most of the standard mailers used it it was very easy to open. The packaging did its job of protecting the t shirt 
When I opened up the packaging you can see from the picture  below what the neatly folded t shirt came with.
there is a card promoting a limited edition box set coming in October and a  black branded packet that contained a couple of cards and a extremely sour candy.
Enough of the foreplay, What about the t shirt itself I hear you ask?
The t shirt was made from medium weight cotton, I don't know the brand of blanks that Fright Rags uses but this seem of good quality. It is pre shrunk and 100% cotton, and felt super soft when wearing the t shirt. As you can see there is no tag at the back as it is a tagless tee.
The shirt's design, inspired by of course Mars Attacks and based on the old TOPPS trading card series, the artwork is from Jason Edmiston
The artwork has transferred well to the actual shirt as the colours and detail look excellent.
Here is a closer look at the tee, you can see the detail of the design.
Here I am modelling the t shirt. I like the fit of the shirt and as i described earlier the t shirt feels real good when worn. The design really does look good on this tee. 
There was supposed to be the Mars Attacks logo at the back of the shirt. However due to an error none of these tees were printed with the Mars Logo on the back.
I actually received an email telling me about the error, giving me the opportunity to return the tee and I would be refunded in full including shipping costs. I was also given a 15% discount on any other order I make until the end of the year.
I personally thought this was a nice touch from Fright Rags to correct their error. 
You can see here, how the back of the tee would have looked with the logo at the back.
In conclusion, I found Fright Rags provided excellent service in shipping the tee to the UK very quickly, the tee itself I was more than happy with despite the error from Fright Rags.
And it was really cool that Fright Rags acknowledge their mistake, apologise for it and then try and offer me alternatives, 
In conclusion a fantastic shirt from a really cool brand, whom I would recommend to anyone.