Welcome To A Brand New Geek Shirts HQ News Digests.

Today we have lots of new tee releases.
Busted tees has a number of new releases.
New tees From a number of independent brands.
Saucewear has a limited edition tee
Hot life has a brilliant new hoodie.
Lets start with what is happening over at the design community at Redbubble.

What's New At Redbubble?


Time Traveling T-Shirt

by Teo Zirinis 
Time Traveling T-shirt
Anyone who knows me by now, knows I am a big Doctor Who and Back To The Future fan, so I was delighted to see this latest design from Teo. 

Cave 76 T-Shirt

by RobotrobotROBOT
Cave 76 T-shirt

Hazardous Road t-Shirts

by R-evolution GFX
Hazardous roads T-shirt
Nice design with the 8 bit style banana skin on the sign.

Welcome To Megatron T-Shirt

by Synaptyx
Welcome to Megaton T-shirt

Plego T-shirt

by Dann Matthews
plego tshirt

Shirokuma Coffee T-Shirt

by Eozen
Shirokuma Coffee tshirt
The artist of this design got his inspiration from watching anime shows and in particular Polar Bear Cafe, which I am reliably informed by the designer is about a Polar bear in Japan who runs a cafe!

New From Busted Tees

Funny Or Die: Try Restart T-Shirt

Funny or Die Try Restart Tshirt




Funny Or Die: Canada's Mexico T-shirt

Funny or Die Canada's Mexico tshirt
A couple of new designs from Funny Or Die store over at Busted Tees

New Tee From Purple Cactus Designs

Do You Find Me Sadistic? T Shirt

Do you find me sadistic Men's t shirt

New From Piddley Pix

I Understand Parents T Shirt

I Understand Parents T Shirt
A new design over at Piddley Pix, there is also an exclusive 10% discount if you buy one of their designs using the following coupon code that is exclusive to readers of Geek Shirts HQ.

Coupon Code: geekshirtshq12


Abstruse Clothing

Trust In A Few T Shirt

Trust in Few T shirt
One of the latest releases from Abstruse Clothing. This tee is printed on a premium fitted Next Level tee. I really like the design with the color that has been used (red) and the big logo on the back on the tee with the smaller logo on the front.

Unrefined Clothing New Release

A Good Old Fashioned Beatdown T Shirt

A Good Old Fashioned Beatdown T shirt
Here is a new release from Unrefined Clothing, with prints on both the front and back of this tee. 
I really like the tee but where do they get the names for these tees! I love it!

New Hoodie From Hot Life

Hotlife Family Hoodie

Hotlife Family Hoodie
The new lightweight hoodie is made from ring spun cotton with all waterbased printing. This is the release of the week so on sale for a limited time for only $15. It looks like a top quality hoodie and I really like the small logo on the front and the design on the back of this cool hoodie.

Limited Edition Tee From Saucewear

Signature Tee

Limited Edition Signature T shirt
This limited edition tee of only 50, this is printed on American Apparel Tri-blend T Shirts. It is printed using water based inks and as each print reacts the the tri-blend fabrics differently makes each tee unique. 

New From TB Club

Huge 6 Eye Cat Tee

Huge Six Eyed Cat T Shirt
An unusual design that has been screen printed by hand on a 100% cotton tee.  I have never seen a 6 eye cat before. Some of the more unusual ideas just don't seem to work, but this 6 eye cat print I think works really well and frankly is eye catching! 🙂

Geek Shirts HQ News

Stop Press

Geek Shirts HQ has recently smashed through the 2500 likes barrier on its Facebook page.
Let's get the likes to 3000 and when we do there will be some MAJOR announcements and some cool giveaways. 
A brand new interview in the designer unlocked interview  series, Michael Swank
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I have loads of t shirt lists to tell you about
Coming very soon
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