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This week we have something a bit different here at Geek Shirts HQ, a t shirt brand we are featuring on their launch day. 
Fury Pig are a brand new entrant into the world of daily t shirt sites. A new brand started by Bill & John from Philadelphia.
Apart from the cool name Fury Pig Tees, there is not much else I can tell you about this brand. However I am excited to be part of a new brand’s launch and I hope their tees will be as cool as their name.
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Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Fury Pig Tees, the latest brand to get undressed.

Who are the people behind Fury Pig Tees?
Bill & John
Can you start by giving some background about yourself?
Between John and me we have a long background in screen printing. I've been a tattoo artist for 14 years now, the whole time designing shirts for all different types of genres.
Where you are from?
Philadelphia PA. USA.
tour of the dead
Why did you start a daily/weekly  tee site instead of a ‘regular’ t shirt brand?
I've been a fan of a lot of the daily sites for a while now, I just seen a few areas where I felt we could do better.
Plus I've got a really good amount of great artists that I've been lucky enough to work with over the years. I feel this would be a good way to give a lot of artists a chance to get exposure that they might not otherwise have a chance to get.
Where did you get the name Fury Pig Tees?
I'm not sure, probably in the shower… that's where most of the good ideas come from.
Can you tell me more about the brand Fury Pig Tees?
We just want to put out some cool shirts, help a few unknown artists become known artists, and if we make a few bucks in the meantime then everyone wins.
What makes Fury Pig Tees different from other similar daily/weekly tee shirt sites? What is your USP?
I guess what will set us apart will be that our daily’s will vary widely. Instead of just mashups we'll be offering horror themes, movies, music, tattoo style illustrations, etc.. Plus we have a NSFW shirt of the day (not safe for work) which will be a crude shirt of the day. It will be everything from one-liners, to vulgar artwork.
How does a designer get to feature their design on your site?
Submitting will be a very simple process. Just submit an eps. or an ai. file up to 11"x14" to our site and if it’s awesome it will be a shirt.
Who are your favourite designers that hope to feature on your site?
There are too many to mention, I'm a fan of so many different styles of art and artists… That's what I think will make our site unique, the style of shirts will constantly be changing.
As a brand how much importance to you put on marketing on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook?
We feel marketing is crucial, word of mouth is always crucial, but with today’s technology we can reach so many people all over the globe by using the right hash tag.
What’s coming next for Fury Pig Tees?
 After the initial launch we hope to connect with a world of artists that we still have no had the chance to connect with yet. We can't wait to see what kind of artwork starts coming our way.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
In 10 years? Hopefully employing a great staff of artists and leading the way in whatever trends happen to be going on in the future. The goals here not to get rich, (although I wouldn't complain) it's just to have fun and put out some cool shirts.
fury pig t shirts
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
We're going to stick with traditional screen printing to start with. we do have a gorgeous direct to garment printer, but were not planning on using it until we have the process down to an exact science.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
We'll be using Gildan for the launch shirts, there are a lot of really good shirt companies out there and we will be offering people the option to pick their brand eventually, but for now it will be Gildan.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
Simplicity. We want the process to be absolutely painless and hassle free from the very beginning.
What happens after a customer places an order? When will they receive their tee?
the day after the shirts are ordered we will begin the printing, the average print time for screen printing is 7-10 days, then it will take time to ship. the time will vary based on which option they choose.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
To start with, you, for taking the time to feature us on your site, we really appreciate it.
Our wives, kids, families, and everyone who is our corner. This is a lot of work to launch a quality site, a lot more than I expected, we have some great website guys putting in a lot of hours making sure this site is everything it needs to be.
Is there anything else you want to add?
We can’t wait to see what you guys submit to the site, and we can't wait to start working with all of you.
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you  
Thanks guys for a really cool interview and introduction into Fury Pig.
Don’t forget to check them out and give them a chance, they may become the next big thing in the world of daily tee sites.