I heard a package was waiting for me when I got home from work today, as you can see it was a tee I received from Riptapperal


I knew what was inside the package, it was the Game Of Rogues Tee designed by Ninjaink. 
First things first I checked out the packaging. Now the daily t shirts sites are not normally renowned for the packaging they send their tees in, and why would they be?
They are all about selling their tees at a very cheap price and one of the ways they will do this is saving money on other areas, uncluding the packaging.
Riptapperals packaging offers  no frills packaging but it is branded and offers excellent protection for the tee. Well what else would you really need from the packaging?
Opening the packaging and taking out the tee, I get to see the design in real life without the aid of a high res computer screen. This is the moment that you are either disappointed or relieved that the design you paid your cash on, lives up to the design on the screen.
This time I was relieved the t shirt itself lives up to Ninjaink's excellent design. It shows off all of its great line work and screen printed print looks excellent.
I don't do irons but as ever, when you get one of these tees through the post, it needed a quick iron.


I don't think the picture below really does justice to NinjaInk's great design.

I took a closer look at the design itself as NinjaInk is known for pulling off complicated designs that look great on a tee and this was no exception. I have used this phrase before, but I am going to use it again, this shirt is definately wearable art.
There is a lot of details in the design with Batman sitting at the throne and all the excellent use of detail around the central character with references to some of the villains that Batman has fought.



Now the t shirt itself seems of a good quality. It feels soft and will feel good when worn. 100% cotton, ringspun and pre shrunk, so you shouldn't get any accidents when washing and drying the tee.
Now for the money shot! Me wearing the tee, it feels good and fits well and I am loving NinjaInk's excellent design even more.
Let me get NinjaInk to tell you more about this excellent shirt
"Game of Rogues is an American medieval vigilante television series. It is an adaptation of "The Devil in the Pale Moonlight," one of a series of novels following the world's greatest detective as he attempts to apprehend an assortment of colorful rogues."

Overall Riptapperals provided a good no frills service, the printing of the design is excellent and Ninjank's design looks awesome! What more can I say?

Well I can say more, the game of rogues tee is currently available at Ninjaink's Redbubble store.
It always feels good to finish off with a shameless plug!! wink
And don't forget his Facebook Page