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Welcome to another cool edition of the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest.

Now then! What do we have in todays edition?
  • More excellent new designs over at Redbubble
  • The DBH WACOM contest winners.
  • New tees from Drop The Anchor and 604Republic 
  • And of course loads more.

Lets start with Redbubble

Q-Branch T-Shirt

by DeardenDesign

Camelot's One Stop Magic Shoppe T-Shirt

by fishbiscuit

42 T-Shirt

by JellySnail

Design By Humans WACOM Contest winners

Here are the winners of the recent WACOM design contest over at Design By Humans. I thought I would account these in reverse order. I really don't know why but here goes…

3rd Place

The Rise Of A Hero T-Shirt

By  pinkstorm from Philippines

2nd place

The Fall Of A Villain T-Shirt

By cadzart from Bulacan, Philippines

And in 1st Place

Hero T-Shirt

by kdeuce

Four New Tees From 604Republic

It looks like 604Republic are freshening up their range of tees, there were 4 new t shirts last week and we have 4 new cool designs this week as well.

Dragon Momma T Shirt


Killer Bunnies T Shirt


Geeky And I Know It T Shirt


Lil' Sister T Shirt


New From Glennz Tees

Alien Graffiti T-Shirt


New From T Shirt Hell

My Mum Nice Ass T Shirt


I Invented Al Gore T Shirt


I Put The Lotion In The Basket T Shirt


New From Threadless

Jack-O-Full Moon T-Shirt

Design by Marvin Pedro

New From Ink Addict


New From Drop The Anchor

Here are a couple of new entries in the Drop The Anchor collection.

Baseball Logo T Shirt


Sailor Tank


New From Snorg Tees

Murica T Shirt T-Shirt


Fantasy Football T-Shirt


Gangnam Style T-Shirt


Geek Shirts HQ News

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