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Here is a clothing brand that isn't afraid to do something different when launching a new clothing line.
2520 Clothing has created their own youtube commerical  to publicize their new NYC collection. And  they have teamed up with a leading DJ Cashis Kay to give everyone a taste of what the new T shirt range is all about.
Let me get the guys at 2520 Clothing to tell you more about their cool brand:
2520 launched a campaign “I’M NOT INTO FASHION” in 2008, making the statement that we did things our own way.
2520 represents the 25th and 20th letters of the alphabet, Y & T. As Young Trendsetters we lead the way and that’s what keeps us relevant.
Young Trendsetters – Who We Are
“We Set Trends” – What We Do
360 x 7= ?
Do The Math…..
2520 Clothing have been supporting the Hip-Hop movement for many years pushing out various urban apparel and underground mixtapes.
Now in 2012 they have come with one of their most popular ranges ever, let us introduce you to the 'The NYC Collection' which features five different shirt designs with landmarks from each of the five boroughs of New York City; Bronx, Manhattan (Harlem), Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.
2520 Clothing Presents The NYC Collection
To celebrate this release 2520 Clothing have teamed up with leading mixtape DJ Cashis Kay. The mixtape encompasses the idea of the T-Shirt range giving up classic tracks from emcees from each boroughs.
Mixed to perfection, this is a must for any discerning Hip-Hop fan as it features the likes of Big Pun, Fat Joe, Big L, Mobb Deep, Nas, Black Moon, Jay-Z, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and many more.

A really cool brand, that oozes Classic Radicals! I really like their new collection and i love the 'story' behind it.
Each Tee Shirts has story behind it, it gives you that subliminal feeling that you are wearing a symbolic history on your back.
I especially like the  subtle use of the lettering showing a landmark from the that part of New York. Awesome T Shirts!
"These t shirts will look good on the bedroom floor of any supermodel!" cool
Connect with 2520 Clothing:
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