More daily deals for the lovers of geek shirts, I am always good for some of the better graphic tees inspired by geek culture.


More special offers from Cafepress and my favourite geek inspired shirt today is a four day deal.


Late Night Snack Tee 


MainImage1 300x260 Geek Shirts News Digest March 19th


This shirt is only $12 and is a great design show UFO's having some fresh beef as a late snack. Hurry this shirt is only available for 4 days at the time of writing this,


Another original shirt from the team at Nowherebad. For lovers of geek apparel or anyone.





Savings at CafePress   


The savings continue at with over 60% off t shirts when you combine code GLIMMER with already reduced prices on site, 





You want a random shirt?


  Random Shirt geek t shirt 300x225 Geek Shirts News Digest March 19th

The guys at Woot have a special seal, a random shirt for $6.66, there also free shipping and $5 to ship abroad. If you want to live dagerously, think about todays deal, you never know what you might be getting. And bride you ask  it  is not a shirt with a ?  on it.





Dragon Slayer Tee   


geek shirt dragon 260x300 Geek Shirts News Digest March 19th



If you head over to, you will see  this dragon slayer tee as today's deal,  judging by the the comments,  I  think opinion is divided on this one,  I really like  the shirt  and think the artwork is great.  An excellent. Geek. Shirt!





Chef Moriardee Tee 


4877e1ec7c57d3f6ccaee2a74fb4e14c 300x188 Geek Shirts News Digest March 19th


This Geek shirt inspired by the BBC series Sherlock, another one day deal from  the team at  shirtpunch . This one has been created by the  designer  drawsgood.  To see further graphic shirts. From this designer head over  to





What The Fett Shirt



what the fett t shirt geek shirt 300x290 Geek Shirts News Digest March 19th


A new offering from the guys at This is a officially licensed Star Wars shirt. A great screen printed addition to an already massive number of Star War Shirts that are available