Another in Geek Shirts HQ series of interviews with T shirt designers. Today we have Dan Wolfe, designer of the fantastic Harry Tuttle Heating Engineer Shirt.


Can you Start by giving some background about yourself 

I'm Dan Wolfe from the south of England and was born just in time to be a Star Wars fan. That pretty much set me on a road of sci-fi geekiness straight away and sealed my fate forever.

I spent a lot of time drawing pictures of spaceships, monsters and silly stuff, probably too much in fact! I was lucky enough to get myself into art college and then into a career on the back of that. Now (several years later) I have a teenage son, an understanding wife and a bit of free time to get back to drawing spaceships, monsters and silly stuff.


Where do you get your inspiration for your designs 

As I said I'm a sci-fi geek so lots of my stuff draws inspiration from the classic movies and books of that genre. But pretty much anything can start an idea if you look at it the right way. Sometimes the connections between things suggest an image and you have something straight away. Sometimes you need to put in some thought about how you can swap familiar things around and come up with something new.




I've also been following the t-shirt scene online for a while and got involved with a few artist's groups. You are most likely to have heard of The RBC. The guys there do some fantastic work and seeing it all really spurs me on to keep on trying to do new stuff.


What are you working on next? 

I usually have a few ideas buzzing around waiting to be turned into reality. At the moment I'm playing around with something Mad Max related, maybe a Predator themed illustration and a silly idea involving frogger. I'm never too sure which one will get done first though!



Do you try to convey any message in your designs? 




Not really any sort of political message! I hope I can get a little bit of how I feel about the subject matter into my drawings. Most of the things I draw are because they make me smile. If that comes through in the image and makes someone else smile or think 'that's cool', I don't think I can ask for anything more than that.

Looking at your own portfolio What is your favorite design and why? 
Harry Tuttle – Heating Engineer is probably my favourite. Brazil is one of those obscure films that not everyone gets. The imagery stuck in my head the first time I saw it though, as did the characters, and Harry more so than anyone else.

Harry being a black ops style heating engineer seemed so obvious once it popped into my head that I was surprised no-one else had done it. But what I really love is other peoples reaction. Lots of people tell me they love the character and it makes them want to watch the film again because of my picture. It's really good to be the one to remind people of something they enjoy.

Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts. 
The best place to keep up with any daily prints or new designs is probably the Doodle Dojo Facebook page. I won't spam you with loads of silly posts (just occasional ones!) but you will see my newest stuff there first.

You can also stalk me on Twitter (@slowDan01) and all the other places you can find me are on the Doodle Dojo website

All my work ends up on my stores at Redbubble or Society6 so you know it will be top quality stuff, and they have some great customer service too.



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