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T Shirt reviews are keeping me busy these days. I love my job :).
I got in contact with a brand I have featured a number of times before in my news roundups. A cool brand with a great range of products, including lots of t-shirts, many of which are in house designs and exclusives to Truffle Shuffle (Don't you just love the name!)
I was delighted when Iain from Truffle Shuffle agreed to send out a t shirt for a review, after a little bit of email tennis. He even let me pick the t shirt. I think the guys need to give Iain a pay rise 🙂
Before we get onto the actual t shirt I chose for the review. As a way of introducing readers of Geek Shirts HQ to Truffle Shuffle, I wanted to find out a bit more about the brand itself.
I asked Iain for some background information about Truffle Shuffle, this is what he said
"TruffleShuffle was founded in 2004 by Pat Wood after being asked by numerous strangers where he bought his Goonies t-shirt. Pat sold a couple of imported American t-shirts on eBay and using the profits bought the domain name and webspace for
Fast forward nearly a decade and we’ve sold over 1.5m t-shirts to 500,000 customers, including 500 press-worthy celebrities.
Half of what we sell is designed by our own fair hands and the other half comprises a selection of the best retro, licensed t-shirt brands in the world, including JunkFood, Chaser LA, Amplified, Chunk & Worn By."
Now looking at the actual website, the site is very easy to navigate with a huge number of products to choose from, many of which are exclusives.
Since the sites name was inspired by the classic eighties movie The Goonies.
I thought it might be a bit too obvious to go for a Goonies tee but then I found a really cool Goonies tee and I had to review it.
Fast forward to a few days later and the tee came in a standard mailer that did what it supposed to do and protect the tee during delivery. I did like the fact that the mailer was branded with the Truffle Shuffle logo.
TruffleShuffle 1
Here is what came inside  the packaging, there is the neatly folder tee and a packet of sweets.
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 1
I know if you are familiar with  my reviews you know I am not a big fan of tees with tags and like even less if they have their generic t shirt tag.
Now the tee was not tagless, in fact it had 3 tags one with washing information, one with the Truffle Shuffle logo and one with official licence of Warner Brothers. At least the there were no generic tags on the tee.
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 2
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 3
The tee itself is a combination of typography and graphic artwork screen printed on a brown tee.
With famous quotes from the movie The Goonies surrounding a cool skull design, my initial impressions of the design were good. 
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 4
I personally love the clever use of the quotes around the skull design.
The skull looks very detailed and overall the design has a vintage distressed look that suits it's subject matter. (Obviously the tee is not ironed yet!)
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 5
As you can see from this close up picture the level of detail that has been reproduced in the design looks good.
The design is printed via screen printing and I THINK it has used discharge inks, as the design feels softer and not as rubberised as other screen printing methods, whilst giving the design an older distressed look. I asked Truffle Shuffle about the printing process that they use
"The majority of product is screen printed on automatic machines using Phthalate free Plastisol inks, including soft bases to ensure a soft hand feel & vibrant print, some designs without a vibrant outlook we use a discharge ink to give an even softer feel to the print.
Additional screens are created to give the vintage/distressed look.
We also use special print techniques on certain designs to enhance the graphic, glow in the dark (ghostbusters), puff (goonies) & foil (cherry coke) to name a few.Open"
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 6
The tee itself is very soft, Truffle Shuffle use Gildan soft style blanks which are 155gsm and have a great shape when worn.
I like the fit, the cotton was a light weight cotton and the tee when washed kept its shape and the design still looked great. 
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 7
I wanted to find out more about the tee so  again I spoke to Iain
"This is an exclusive design for us, our in house designer James did it after we decided it would be a great idea to dedicate a T-Shirt to all the fab quotes from The Goonies film as there are so many memorable ones.
This was really fun to work on as The Goonies is a particularly relevant film for us being a classic, retro 80s film, we love it so much it even inspired our companies name!  
Everyone in the office had their own favourite quote so it was a great design for everyone here to collaborate on.
After James finished the design it needed to be sent away to Warner Bros to be checked for approval, this is to make sure that they're happy with the design and that all the quotes were correct and could be legally used (A reference to Baby Ruth couldn't be used for example).  
Once the concept art has been checked and early pre-production samples are approved it becomes an official Warner Bros design and can be put up for sale on the site."
Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 8

Available At Truffle Shuffle

In conclusion. I really liked the design, I love the clever use of quotes around the skull and the distressed look, looking amazing on the brown tee.  
The fit of the tee was excellent as I prefer a well fitted tee.
The cotton tee although of a good quality was a light weight cotton. I think I am the only person on the planet that prefer heavier cotton tees.
The tee was not tag less but had custom tags attached. These are nothing more than minor quibbles  as overall I love the tee and thought Truffle Shuffle are a great brand from the UK and i received free sweets!
Behind every great brand there have to be some pretty cool people making it all happen and I want to thank Truffle Shuffle for all the help in setting up this review, a cool brand to work with.
Now it is down to some serious business
My daughter's review, well Aniyah what you think? 
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It nice… But the sweets are nicer he he he


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